3D Vertex Rotation

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I'm trying to create a wireframe for 3D array of vertices with just X_LINE output (no X_GETMATRIX or X_GETFACES input) although I can't seem to get it right. Any suggestion why this classic function isn't right as the object is skewed at certain angles but okay near the perpendicular? :'(
Code (glbasic) Select

FUNCTION rotation AS _point: ob AS _obj, v AS _point
LOCAL p AS _point
p = v
INC p.x, v.x
INC p.y, (COS(ob.angle.x) * v.y) - (SIN(ob.angle.x) * v.z)
INC p.z, (SIN(ob.angle.x) * v.y) - (COS(ob.angle.x) * v.z)

INC p.x, (SIN(ob.angle.y) * p.z) + (COS(ob.angle.y) * p.x)
INC p.y, v.y
INC p.z, (COS(ob.angle.y) * p.z) - (SIN(ob.angle.y) * p.x)

INC p.x, (COS(ob.angle.z) * p.x) - (SIN(ob.angle.z) * p.y)
INC p.y, (SIN(ob.angle.z) * p.x) + (COS(ob.angle.z) * p.y)
INC p.z, v.z

FUNCTION wire: ob AS _obj
IF self.mouse.b1
ob.rotate.x = self.mouse.y_axis
ob.rotate.y = self.mouse.x_axis
INC ob.angle.x, ob.rotate.x
INC ob.angle.y, ob.rotate.y
LOCAL e AS _point
LOCAL f AS _point
FOR i = 0 TO ob.vertices - 2
ALIAS v AS ob.ver[i]
ALIAS u AS ob.ver[i + 1]
e = self.rotation(ob, v)
f = self.rotation(ob, u)
X_LINE  e.x, e.y, e.z,  f.x, f.y, f.z,  1, 0xffffff // v.color.value


Just a guess, as there is no perspective transform, so it may look off when rotating without it?


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