Taday at 7:00 new Apple conference

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I hope they do a new mac mini... I'm waiting more than a year...

I'm not sure if in Apple page thehy put the streaming, but with a quick sear you find a channel of 3 guys streaming in Live. Search something like "Apple Event"  or "Streaming Apple Event".


same here , i need a new mini because my mac mini is from late 2009.
it runs from 12/2009 until now with exactly 24h*365d .
i noticed 2 guru and one freeze in his lifetime. per year.
i love this thing  :-*

btw : i hope apple release a intel mini and no arm cpu!


well i need 2499 dollar! who send me?

the 5k is great but i will get a mac mini with hd500 because iris isnt much faster.


New MacMini in the Stores, the good Point it's a great new Product changes CPU, GPU, Hard Drive and they say the Computer it's more thin. Another good point it's the price 100$ or € less than the old moodel.

I like buy , but I think I don't nothing more for AppStore, too much changes , buy too much devices for sell very low number of games....