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Off Topic / Re: Post your desktop!
« on: 2011-Oct-23 »
I found an awesome retro theme for Windows 7. This was my all-time favorite theme on XP, so I'm quite glad someone ported it to Windows 7.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Off Topic / Re: Hello
« on: 2011-Oct-22 »

I started using GLB after using DarkBASIC for four years. I love it. It's amazingly powerful.

Off Topic / Post your desktop!
« on: 2011-Oct-21 »
Hi all!

This is always a fun topic in another forum I visit from time-to-time. Everyone who wants to can post a picture (formatted nicely to fit the forums) and talk about theme packs/wallpapers and the like. It's just a fun little thing to do. :)

My desktop is attached below. The wallpaper was taken from a Google Image search and I just have the default Windows 7 theme, but I made the icons on my taskbar smaller to gain 10 more pixels of real estate. :P

[attachment deleted by admin]

So back in the 1990s, he convinces Apple and their fans to not be in the "If Apple is to win, Microsoft has to lose" frame of mind, and now he wants to literally destroy the competition of a mobile OS?

Dang, Steve. Competition is healthy!

Now we can see why Apple's been suing the crap out of virtually every other smartphone maker, though... :noggin:

Off Topic / Re: HOLODESK, amazing
« on: 2011-Oct-21 »
Dang, that's awesome!

I see this in use for medical applications (obviously once they figure out how to make it a lot smoother/properly responsive), for example medical students learning how to perform surgery.... All I can say is that it's pretty amazing what people can do with the Kinect!

Microsoft may be responsible for making all of the futuristic holographic stuff futurists have been dreaming about, a reality...  :nw:

GLB did/does indeed support an old version of OGL, however Gernot did state that he will be updating it to use the newer version. There were a couple of issues (that I can't recall now - one was something to do with licensing IIRC), but I've not seen anything that stated that GLB now uses the newer version of OGL.

Any idea when it might support newer versions?

Gernot, this is your cue... :D

This looks great! Definitely will come in handy while making my platformer. Thanks for posting!  :good:

If only I had an iPod touch!

I did just find and play the little Windows demo you put together though, and holy cow is this a great game! It really shows the power of GLBasic and a talented programmer. :) Great work!  :good:

Job's a good'un then. Problem solved. That's what I like to hear - user error not bug! =D

Same here! :D Unfortunately user errors are pretty common with me. :P

By any chance do you know what version of OpenGL GLB supports? I thought I read 1.1 somewhere, but that sounds...old. Of course, I have no idea what version OGL is at currently....

The trial version of GLB never used to reduce features over time - I don't think Gernot has changed anything. I've never heard anyone complaining about similar problems either. Are you 100% sure the paths are correct?

Yup, the paths were correct, the problem was that I was using the wrong slash symbol. :P

Once I changed them from "\" to "/", everything loaded fine. :) I just got so used to coding in DBPro that it's hard to adapt to a new language's syntax, especially when everything is really, really similar!  :D

Hi guys,

I've been using the trial version for a couple of weeks, and within the last week or so all of the text/font commands don't work like they used to. I can't load external fonts or even my sprites. All of the media is located in the appropriately named "Media" folder, and yet nothing works. Do these features disappear after a couple of weeks?

No hard feelings if they do. :P I definitely want to purchase GLB. :) I'm just trying to make sure I haven't broken anything on my system...I am running this on my laptop, but I plan on purchasing an iMac soon which I'll run Windows 7 alongside of for game development. :)

Also, while I'm at it, what version of OpenGL does GLB support?

EDIT: Oh gaaaawd, I feel so stupid. :P

I've been using the wrong slash symbol. I've been so used to using the forward slash (\) with DarkBASIC for the last three years that my fingers just automatically type that one in instead of the backwards slash. Sorry for polluting the forums, Gernot...:P

Off Topic / Re: D-Pixel
« on: 2011-Oct-14 »
I stumbled on D-Pixel the other day. Great program.  :good:

Off Topic / Re: Steve Jobs passed away
« on: 2011-Oct-08 »
What Jobs did best is making people perceive his products and Apple as a premium brand, therefore having steep prices and people willing to pay them.

But he justified that by offering a top-quality product.  :good:

Also, been waiting to use this emoticon...the 3DS, guys?  :offtopic:  :-[

GLBasic - en / Re: Mac Crossover
« on: 2011-Oct-07 »
Awesome!  :D

One of my personal goals in life is to try and increase the amount of games available for Mac.  I might only get one or two full games developed for it, but at least it'll be one or two more!  :good:

There's no Mac version of the IDE/comiler yet though, is there? Unless the one previously mentioned in this thread is done?

Off Topic / Re: Steve Jobs passed away
« on: 2011-Oct-07 »
Steve was such a fantastic leader.  He genuinely believed in each and every Apple product (you could tell from his keynotes), and without him we wouldn't be nearly as advanced with computers as we are now.  Not to mention that he was an extremely likeable guy, a genuinely nice person, and probably what set him apart from everyone else was just how human he really was.  The difference was that he thought differently; and as a result, the technological world is better thanks to him.

RIP, Steve.  :(

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