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GLBasic - en / Midi reader
Moru's midi creator lib is great for writing midi files and I see the the read midi functions are left empty. I've tried to write these but I can't get it working.
Any chance of anyone able to update this lib?  O_O
GLBasic - en / Wav byte
Is this right or how can the write spot be set regarding WAV header file creation?!   :blink:

Code (glbasic) Select

WRITESTR  iWavefile,"RIFF"                    // 04
WRITEBYTE iWavefile,INTEGER(iRIFFLength)     // 08
WRITESTR  iWavefile,"WAVE"                    // 12  Format
WRITESTR  iWavefile,"fmt "                    // 16  Subchunk1ID
WRITEBYTE iWavefile,INTEGER(16)               // 20  Subchunk1Size (16 FOR PCM)
WRITEBYTE iWavefile,INTEGER(1)                // 22  AudioFormat   (1 FOR PCM)
WRITEBYTE iWavefile,INTEGER(iChannels)        // 24  NumChannels Mono/Stereo
WRITEBYTE iWavefile,INTEGER(iSampleRate)      // 28  SamplesPerSecond
WRITEBYTE iWavefile,INTEGER(iBytesPerSecond)
WRITEBYTE iWavefile,INTEGER(iBlockAlign)
WRITEBYTE iWavefile,INTEGER(iBitsPerSample)   // 36
WRITESTR  iWavefile,"data"                    // 40  Subchunk2ID
WRITEBYTE iWavefile,INTEGER(iDataLength)      // 44  Subchunk2Size

WAV file format:
Here is a video and source test for Apple's iAd Banner with GLB.  :good:

Easy to implement and works for portrait and landscape rotatable, so room for these function parameters. The only small objc issue is if I set the banner at the bottom of the screen, it jumps back to the top after viewing the ad.  :sick:

Update: my file removed...used trucidare's!

Latest version seems here:;topicseen#new
A string that is joined by chr$(13)+chr$(10) (CR LF) for PUTFILE will insert 2 lines, but chr$(9) (DEL) to remove won't so I'm wondering if it is possible.
Beta Tests / Gem Rain
Gem Rain for Windows is in the showcase.  8)
This is the same version for the iPhone and I think it's been working okay but feel free to beta test it please!
In WINCE, SETCURRENTDIR does work with GETFILELIST. It just returns the file list from the root "/" folder.  :sick:
GLBasic - en / 3D Alpha
Objects that are drawn with an opaque alphamode only allow other objects that have been pre-drawn to be seen thru. Is there a way for post-drawn objects?

Code (glbasic) Select
// Sample of triangles drawn behind first are only opaque.

FUNCTION funStart3DAlpha:

FUNCTION funAnimate:

X_MAKE3D 1,10, 45
X_CAMERA 0, 0.25, -2, 0, 0, 4
FOR z=1 TO 3
X_MOVEMENT -1,  0, 4-z
X_DRAWOBJ   0, -1
FOR z=1 TO 3
X_MOVEMENT  1,  0, z
X_DRAWOBJ   0, -1

FUNCTION funCreateTriangle: num

X_OBJADDVERTEX -0.5,  0.5, 0.0,  0.1, 1.0,  col
X_OBJADDVERTEX  0.0, -0.5, 0.0,  0.5, 0.0,  col
X_OBJADDVERTEX  0.5,  0.5, 0.0,  0.5, 1.0,  col

[attachment deleted by admin]
On Win32 it's fine but the iPhone can't find the shader fragment file whether it's in the app or media folder (always false).

IF X_LOADSHADER(12, "", "multitexture.frag")=FALSE THEN DEBUG "File not found"
IF X_LOADSHADER(12, "", "Media/multitexture.frag")=FALSE THEN DEBUG "File not found"
SETCURRENTDIR("Media") : IF X_LOADSHADER(12, "", "multitexture.frag")=FALSE THEN DEBUG "File not found - help!"

Beta Tests / Maze tiler test
Testing out a total of 3MEG bitmap sprites with PeeJay's Random Maze Generator.

Just wanted to try something useful limited to no sprite file bmp loading, grab or poly. Even the text is hard coded for now as I can't read ini or text data files

So for new years the pocket sized lcd marquee was fun to try out. :D

EDIT by Schranz0r:

You can post YoutubeMovies with

(youtube) mPRg6GdL7JM (/youtube)  Just replace ( with [

Thats it ;)
Help! DRAWRECT and PRINT work okay but I can't seem to get LOADSPRITE/DRAWSPRITE or LOADSOUND/PLAYSOUND to work on my Pocket PC (iPaq rx1945).