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Media Section / WiFi Beacons
Prototyping WiFi syncing. In this case the idea is some simple beacons. Each time any client device joining/leaving one device server will be included in the sequence. Here are two iPods, an Android phone and tablet as client connect to a server on the PC. Colours/frame information are sent to the devices.
GLBasic - en / VB vs C++ DLL
Has anyone called a VB DLL from GLB? I've tried but can't get it to work, if I've done it properly. Otherwise I think the solution is to inline call a VC++ DLL which then internally calls the VB DLL, which I wanted to try.

Beginner's Tutorial: Calling Visual Basic ActiveX DLLs from Visual C++  :rtfm:
Off Topic / Android Console
Is this the absolute sign of the new indie game boom?  :rtfm:

A New, $99 Console Called Ouya Is Real and Radically Different From Xbox, PlayStation and Wii  :nw: :happy:

Bonus video:
Ben Heck's Raspberry Pi (retro style BBC case) Build Trailer

GLBasic - en / NET MSG$ flow
I was just wondering if there were any smooth timing and flow techniques for NETSENDMSG and NETGETMSG$. At the moment, these are called on every loop cycle and each time the player coordinates are sent/received in one line/loop which are plain text that is array split. It working okay but I'm wondering if I'm missing something.
Perhaps there a way to clear the ALIAS for now. Maybe I'm doing it wrong but ALIAS redeclarations don't pass outside a for integer loop.

Code (glbasic) Select

FUNCTION alias_test:
LOCAL arr[], als[], id
DIM arr[2]
FOR id = 0 TO 1
ALIAS ar AS arr[id] // 'ar' can be redeclared and compiled in FOR integer loop :)
DEBUG "For " + id + " passed.\n"
DIM als[2]
ALIAS ar AS als[0]
DEBUG "Alias 0 passed.\n"
ALIAS ar AS als[1] // but can't be re-declared for compiling outside loop :(
DEBUG "Alias 1 passed.\n"

Here's some new technology that demonstrates coding whilst the game is running with space/time mapping. Coolness plus.  :good:
3D (plastic) printing is cool enough but now items can be replicated and printers self replicate also.

The portable (one of) self replicating mini printer.  8)

Better that factory quality Nerf gun. So cool and just add screws and springs. Note to future...print metal! ::)

Industry micron scanner half a hair thick. Scan inside gears in selected colors! Amazing. :good: :good:

GLBasic - en / Get file date
There is GETFILESIZE() but how can the file created and modified dates be got?  :P
In inline, I wonder how to SendKeys/Text to another window, such as notepad, with FindWindow. 'Tis possible?

Half source:
Re: Controling System Mouse
I hope this is not too much of a weird question but is there a way to get the names of the variable in a TYPE?

For example:
Code (glbasic) Select


GLOBAL list as TList = 8 = 5
list.potatoe = 12

DEBUG list.variable_name[0], 0, 0

Output: apple
Generally, WinCE MAKE_3D is not displaying the objects and hasn't for a while.

As for 2D, on my iPaq rx1950 and HTC Touch (Elf) the FPS is full (240x320) but not on the HTC Touch HD (BlackStone 480x800) (20%). Although older compiled versions around the time of PRE glb v8 of win_ce.exe files run at full FPS (240x320) on all devices so there's no problem with the hardware or OS.
Urgent help required!  :'( :'( :'(

Legal reps. for Hasbro are asking me to remove Happy Happy Hippos from the Apple App Store due to infringement.

The graphics, text and game-play are not the same as Hungry Hungry Hippos so what's the issue? Is there something I should change?
Here a GLB port of Fast Corner Detection with a still demo by me and some C++ cleaning by Kitty.

If you are wondering what it is, here's a quick cool clip with it demonstrating detection on video frames.


[attachment deleted by admin]
It's not easy but I'm trying to understand how arrays and vars get passed to/from glb to inline c. :noggin: How can I do it with something like this...
...where xy* is the c array I need to fill glb x_array[]. Also data and count are int but glb looks for DGInt. They are also I have tried this and short and other from what I have found on search.
Code (glbasic) Select

TYPE xy_vec

typedef struct { int x, y; } xy;
typedef unsigned char byte;
DGArray<xy_vec> ptrs;

FUNCTION funGetTest AS xy_vec: BYREF data, x, y, w, h, BYREF count
xy_vec xy;
xy_vec ptrs;
funtest((const byte*)&data,x,y,w,h,(int*)&count);
//return xy();
//return xy();
//return xy_vec;
//return xy; //?????????
//return ptrs;
//return ptrs();

extern xy* funtest(const byte* data, int x, int y, int w, int h, int* count);

LOCAL xy_array[] as xy_vec
LOCAL data ///????????
LOCAL x, y, w, h, count

xy_array[]=funGetTest(data,x,y,w,h,count) ///?????????

When trying to connect simply with NETJOINGAME, it works fine from Windows to iPod/iPad but not iPod to iPad. It may have connect once or twice but mainly I get "Bad file descriptor". (I don't know if that is a part of the network error). Also, I was wondering about looping the request to join, so that if there is an error with the host, it can try to connect again as I think the timeout is set to fixed at 5000ms.  :S
Now with extra strength PRINT kerning option, GETFONTSIZE now means GETMAXFONTSIZE  :D. What's a quick way to get total variable string pixel length?  :-[
Code (glbasic) Select

FUNCTION print_center: text$,text_x,text_y //,kerning_on
LOCAL print_x,print_y,max_font_width,max_font_height

GETFONTSIZE max_font_width,max_font_height // temp: set global
PRINT text$,print_x,print_y //,kerning_on
Is it possible to turn off the collision and spot light markers in 3D for debug mode?  O_O
Is it possible to remove from (or not have) the iphone multitask-bar icon before glb exit?  O_O
GLBasic - en / Code to DDA?
Is there some glb code that exports internally created 3d object data to .dda (or other than ddd) format?  :-[

The closest I found is this: