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GLBasic - en / Re: Android 13 Update
Last post by MrPlow - 2023-Oct-27
My previous sound issue for Android 6 - 10 was a non-issue - the platform involved for testing seems to have a sound bug for those versions.

My instructions and update steps above still follow---

I am now on my 5+ app update without any hitches...(using Android Studio 3.5.3 ) =D

API 33 (Android 13) and min 23

gradle 5.4.1, gradle plugin version 3.5.4

Admob 19.4.0

Soon with try to update to admob 20.1.0

GLBasic - en / Re: Dropbox links
Last post by erico - 2023-Oct-25
Nice, thanks Space!
The HTML one is on my list to try out.
GLBasic - en / Dropbox links
Last post by spacefractal - 2023-Oct-23
Many of the dropbox links, mostly by me has beem removed. That is include the newer html 5 project. Most important files can been found here:!An17V5n5xcPmlkdpjiZiVMDR1CXD?e=vVc9ua

One Drive Link

They will all been dead as im currectly moving. Sorry about it. Im havent checked all links im have done on this page. But the html5 tool link is of course changed to the new on that page.
GLBasic - en / Re: Android 13 Update
Last post by spacefractal - 2023-Sep-14
no idea. also im think make sure to uses full path and check if the file exists. Its long time ago im doing Android stuff really.
Bug Reports / Re: Vsync Problem?
Last post by SnooPI - 2023-Sep-10
Yes I have to force VSync from the control panel, if I leave it on the application settings it doesn't work  :(
Fortunately, I use a deltatime for everything because otherwise I would have had a big speed problem in my programs.
The strange thing is that I had no problems with VSync until a Windows update.
Thanks dreamerman for confirming that the problem is with my computer.
GLBasic - en / Re: Android 13 Update
Last post by MrPlow - 2023-Sep-10
Hi Gernot, Spacefractal

Any idea why sdl mixer might not work with android 7.1 to 10 ...but 11,11,13 all are fine??
Bug Reports / DDgui_msg freeze html5
Last post by Qedo - 2023-Sep-10
DDgui_msg freeze html5:

result% = DDgui_msg("yes or not",TRUE )
Bug Reports / Re: Vsync Problem?
Last post by dreamerman - 2023-Sep-09
Generally VSync in full screen should work, one thing that's some kind awkward is that GLB starts glBegin right after flipping buffers.. Problem may be dependent from GPU/OS/drivers combination, as mentioned try forcing VSync in gpu drivers control panel. On older Vega iGPU I don't see issues (full screen, 60Hz display, fps set to 60-120 always limited by vsync to 60 without screen tearing).
You can also check stability of rendering frames with some software like MSI Afterburner or new Intel PresentMon.
if needed I could run the odd aab or apk file for you on my Browserstacks account... manually runs / tests from Android 8 to 14
I since found other interesting requirements to get my aab packages to run correctly "extract native libs"  etc.
Tutorials / Re: Chat.GPT
Last post by dreamerman - 2023-Sep-09
All that AI stuff evolved so much in couple last years.. We are on the verge of revolution in many aspects of creative work, such AI tools will replace many 'creative' professions and on other hand will create new ones.. Imagine if someone is writing a legit book and need some art for cover or as illustrations for new chapters, now he can use MindJurney by him self and get something interesting, on other hand artist can use such tools to fastly generate many different visions/sketches of some client idea and later use it as base for further work and so on.. AI can now write basic books (like motivation, biography, books for kids), but will not write large series or universe that makes cross reference (like Cosmere - by Brandon Sanderson), but could be used for new ideas or to make parts of narration. Maybe it would be usefully in writing some parts of more advanced code not only simpler examples (but fact that it already can write a working game in such niche language as GLB is stunning).

On my hand I'm interested in game asset creation, more particular sprites with animation or something that would be usefull in a game, yet still such AI models need a lot of training in that direction (and of course it will be hard to deliver competitive art for them). Those are couple examples generated with Leonardo AI with different creation models: