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Title: RIOT Tag-Team Coding Competition
Post by: Moru on 2011-Apr-18

This is a coding competition for Caanoo, Wiz, Pandora and Dingoo's Dingux developers. With this competition we hope to generate more awesome homebrew games for our favorite consoles and our beloved communities. We hope you join and help us bring these communities together in ways never before seen.
 This competition is in the spirit of community. As such, you are required to join up with one of your fellow developers / artist / coder / sound / composer / game-designer / magician etc. to create something as a team. We hope this will result in a lot of "artist/coder needed for my awesome idea" threads on the boards and people will help each other out. Remember, you can submit several entries, so your talent could be shared between teams as well.
Title: Re: RIOT Tag-Team Coding Competition
Post by: Kitty Hello on 2011-Apr-19
Cool. I put a few bucks in the donation box.
Title: Re: RIOT Tag-Team Coding Competition
Post by: u9 on 2011-May-07
Hi everyone.

I've decided to make a small blog ( on the website ( in order to keep people up-to-date on the competition. It has an rss feed (, so feel free to bookmark to keep current, as it is impossible for me to spread news to every corner of the internet :) Many places i cannot even figure out how to log in, other places i cannot post links, so please spread the word.

First order of business: Prize pool ( (<-- save the pandas) has reached 300 Euro.


P.s. I hope no one gets offended by the panda joke