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Well, I finally received one of those nasty letters from Apple yesterday...
"We received a notice from Atari, Inc. that Atari, Inc. believes your applications named "Just Pong"
and "Just Pong SD" infringe Atari, Inc.'s intellectual property rights. In particular, Atari, Inc. believes
you are infringing their trademark and copyright."

I knew the day was going to come, just thought is was going to come a lot sooner.
Just Pong had over 200,000 downloads, most were free, but did make good money, not far behind
my other game Hit the Deck Baseball. I never planned on making money with Just Pong. It was
basically my first game ever and wanted to see how the iTunes app store process worked.

It's just sad that Atari has to send out these letters to independent developers for a 40 year old

Well they didnt get Classic Pong yet, its available on webOS, had to rename because Just Pong was
already taken on webOS. It is doing good with over 30,000 downloads, again most are free.

Continued from here:

The screen capture below is what the TouchPad looks like when I try to compile for WebOS at screen
size 320x480 and 768x1024, of coarse all of the buttons don't work since screen is not centered.
Sound did play.

So, next I downloaded "Hit the Deck Baseball" for the pre(320x480) from the App Catalog, everything worked o.k
but the the bat swing and ball moment was not as smooth as on the old palm pre.
Sound was o.k. Network also worked for the high scores.

I also tried adding "uiRevision": 2 to the appinfo.json file, but no difference to the graphics.
(The uiRevision key tells WebOS that your app is capable of running full-screen on a TouchPad,
avoiding the annoying phone emulator.)

So if I download an app from the App Store Catalog, the graphics are scaled and centered,
but if re-compile with GLBasic and install the ipk the screen is shown in the bottom left corner when screen
size is set to 320x480 or 768x1024.

"Hit the Deck Baseball", Dr Shivers and B'lox downloaded from the HP App Catalog fills the screen nicely.

So far I'm really impressed with the TouchPad.

Post ipk for me to test or email.

Here is a good page to read: webOS 2.0(mojo) to webOS 3.0(enyo)

Beta Tests / HP TouchPad - Device not detected
« on: 2011-Aug-03 »
I received the TouchPad today.

I followed the instructions just like for the Palm:

But when I get to this part ("In the directory "C:\Prog...\GLBasic\compiler\platform\webos\tool\bin\novaterm\"
double click the file "pdk-device-install.bat", now. The program should copy the required files to your device now.
If there is an error, please contact us in the forums.)

I get("Error: No device detected. Connect device and make sure Developer Mode is enabled.")

I'm in the Touchpad's Developers mode and the PC detects that it is connected.

When I connect the palm it works with no problems.

Any suggestions?

Off Topic / HP TouchPad Loaner
« on: 2011-Jul-28 »
I qualified for the HP TouchPad Loaner Program, so I should receive next week.
The loan period is 60 days and then I will have the option to purchase with a 10% discount.

Bug Reports / GETDESKTOPSIZE on Android
« on: 2011-Jun-11 »
GETDESKTOPSIZE returns 400x683 on the Galaxy Tab. Tab has a screen res of 1024x600.

GLBasic - en / GLBasic and the NOOK
« on: 2011-Jun-02 »
Is GLBasic compatible with the NOOK?
It uses Android OS, so I guess it should be.

Here is an Article that's pretty interesting.
In another forum, some people said that their apps were selling better on the Palm Pre than on the Android.

Beta Tests / Just Pong for Android quick test
« on: 2011-May-30 »
Appreciate if someone can do a quick test.
Basically I'd like to know if the game scales and centers o.k. on the smaller screens.
Two player mode currently does not work. No Multi-touch.

Thank you.

Bug Reports / Couple of problems with Android
« on: 2011-May-30 »
USEASBMP is not working in Portrait mode and Multi-touch is not working.
LOADBMP works o.k.

GLBasic: 10.001
Galaxy Tab with Android 2.2.1 (Froyo)

Worked fine with beta, but after installing the hotfix, game is not saving or reading game settings.

Here is the code I've been using:
Code: (glbasic) [Select]
GLOBAL gameSettings$
gameSettings$ = PLATFORMINFO$("DOCUMENTS") + "/settings.dat"

FUNCTION saveSettings:
  INIOPEN filePathSettings$
INIPUT "settings", "twoplayers", twoplayers
INIPUT "settings", "expert", expert
INIPUT "settings", "mute", mute

I received and email from HP today:
Hey Mike-
I just wanted to check in to see if you had any plans to port HTD Baseball to the upcoming HP TouchPad. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Worldwide Developer Relations, HP webOS

So my question is will GLBasic work with the HP Touchpad with screen resolution 768x1024?

HP Touchpad specs:

I'd appreciate whoever has a Palm device with WebOS 1.4.5, if you can please test my app.
You can also try it out on WebOS 2.0+, but mostly need feedback on 1.4.5

Things to check:
- bat and ball collisions
- all menu buttons
- bat and pitch buttons (including multi-pitch buttons)
- field border and ball collisions
- help screen
- info screen
- leaderboard buttons (internet disabled)

Thank you,

IPK file:

Made a small program to confirm transparency part of sprite causing collision detection using a .png (PNG-24) with transparency.
Not using the Pink RGB(255,0,128), even though it doesn't make a difference.

Using GLBasic 9.052

HTD Baseball has just became available in the HP App Catalog and already
Received an email saying the bat and pitch buttons don't work and sometimes the
Menu buttons don't work.
I tested on the palm Pre 2 with software 2.1 and never had a problem.

They said they restarted the palm and now none of the menu buttons work.

Here is the info about their phone:
Palm Pre Plus
Software: 1.4.5
not modified in any way.

I asked them if they would please update the phone to the
Latest software, haven't heard back.

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