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Please allow the number of bytes to be retrieved by NETWEBGET to be specified when used with a proxy.

Also, can there be a way to specify the username and password for the proxy server?

When testing a NETWEBGET through my proxy server here (requires username and password) I get a access denied error as username and password were not supplied.

Kitty Hello:
NETWEBGET$ can do that.

What is the format for the command please? It's not documented.

Kitty Hello:
It's in the manual of NET...
BTW: Did anyone split the NET commands in several chapters in the English help?

--- Code: (glbasic) ---contents$ = NETWEBGET$(server$, path$, port%, max_length%)

--- End code ---

I updated the NETWEBGET page to include the different forms of the command and examples for each. Is that what you're talking about? Sorry if I did something wrong!!!!  :'(
I followed the way it was done (i.e. using the <2> tags) as per the main NET... page. I've changed them to <b> in case the <2>'s were causing problems.


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