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3D shading and environment test

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hmmm, I think I have been to this place before...maybe it was on a dream? ;)

Looks good, the fog and the player light source+shadows.

I kind of see an attempt on a normal map too but it is not producing the supposed result.
Am I correct? Maybe adding some bump to the walls would help the felling of 3d.

Overall, it´s looking great! :good:

Oh yes, thanks erico... this is a multi-player test arena but only trailing the environment now, especially getting shadows to works correctly for multiple walls and multiple player spot lights (not shown), but more about players later. I'm still trying to get to a nice stage where you can server it on your server again. ;) There is currently a bump map but I don't know if I created it correctly (invert and grayscale from original) and I don't think that it does look right. Note the first half of the video is in Lo-res 30fps camera and the second half of video is hi-res 15fps screen caps. So now I'm waiting on mentalthink for that as he is kindly helping with some of the graphics. At the moment I am focused on map generation designs and algorithms rather than manually mapped arenas and fixed textures.

Generally, these sort of trials leads to ideas of games, such as the short distance dark areas reminds me of Doom 3, but that is not the aim for now because ultimately the lighting environment is just a visual enhancement rather than part of the main game-play but the graphics stuff give me a break from the comms stuff.  :whistle: Casually, I suppose this is a start to documenting this open project, which the source code is available on request. As it is a multi-player game, more that one is required to test and create for these types of projects.

Very Nice!!!, don´t worry about more stuff I do something more... About the BumpMapping... I think the best way it´s not use the black and white tones images... I think it´s better make another image diferent to diffuse map...

I love this lighting... it´s very very dark feeling... some extrange sounds... can be look nice nice!!!

Very good Job.. I like a lot!!!

Yeah cool MT... background sounds would suit well and it would be easy to go for the spooky approach in theme. :good: :good:

Here's the texture and bump (size reduced) that is used.

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