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Build a ping function....

PING(playerid), wait wait wait, if wait>2 seconds, KILLPLAYER()

Ping is just an instance of a small message being sent, at a specifed time.
Then it counts the time elapsed for the return reciept.

The net() functions are capable of this. Networking is quite sophisticated, and much time is needed to setup a network that functions smoothly. You will find issues, and you have the power with GLBasic to alter the functions/routines to fit the circumnstances.

That's what I'm asking about, how do I KILL a player? I know how to set up some sort of ping as you can see in my post. But how do I get rid of the player? When I just kill the connection the player still shows up as connected until I shut down the server.

Kitty Hello:
send the player a message to disconnect, then the player should quit.

And after what gernot said, if that doesnt work..because thier ping is so bad they dont recieve the disco message..

Force the server to remember who it killed, and update all the clients.

When the player comes back, he will have another new id.


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