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Support for 'Spine' or 'Spriter' and associated animation??

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For 2D games, it would be great if commands (simplifying implementation and animation in GLBasic) supporting one or the other of the above could be implemented.  'Spiner' would be the preference....

'Spine' - http://esotericsoftware.com/

'Spriter' - http://brashmonkey.com/spriter.htm

i support this  =D

It's not to hard to create a "spriter"-like program by our own...

Have anyone a "sample" of a animation?

How says Schranz0r not it's complex do something similar, but really 25$ not it's nothing expensive...

Like Scranz0r said, it is possible to code in such functions (though I´m not talented enough yet to give a try).

One possible route would be to check if those programs output something or have an SDK open and geared towards its use.
Maybe You might have to check if the soft creator. It could then be wrapped or something inside GLB.

I did ask a few guys about the later, since they did support a few game-makers around the market, but I did not get any successful answer or interest.
Most of them had a locked system where they are the only possible people to add support to 3rd party software.

I know this is  :offtopic:, but my primary vote on GLB improvements, is the sound system and working perfectly cross platforms.
Maybe we could do a poll about what people are most interesting in seeing? It could help inspire Gernot.


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