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X_SPRITE replacement - (faster) 3D sprite with rotation (billboards)

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(sorry for triple post)

I finally updated the lib, its working on mobile devices now. I tested it on Android, but it should also work on iOS, also Windows and Linux are tested, Mac should work too. Also I did rewrite and encapsulated it better, so that it will never make any problems, if you decide to use it together with some other native OpenGL calls/libs, code looks a bit ugly now, but its all running fine and was definitely worth it. Please note, that the Stop() function is back.
And the 1st Post got updated, cause the informations there became a bit outdated since the initial release of this lib. You find all you need in 1st Post. ;)

APE goes faster now Ooo Ooo Ooo

The download link is dead. :'(

The source code in the first message looks legit.
I think i have the latest files here, i put them in a .rar

edit: removed file from message, too old

Yes sorry my side is still down. But the code is also in 1st post, this should be the latest version.


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