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gfp - GLBasic File Protocol (very simple file transfers)

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Kitty Hello:
Search for http post. Theres already code for that. This library is to transfer in-app files. I need this for the GACK project to exchange files from the pad to the pc to make a new app from the games. Also, I'm using the device as a sort of copy protection for the pc version.

There are all manner of uses for this. Thanks Gernot.

Thanks for this usefull LIB... only a question becuase I don´t look before:

This :

What´s do... It´s a SUB it´s something in C++, but I don´t look any SUB or InlineCommand...

Thanks in advance...

Kitty Hello:
@exitout: is a label that you can use with GOTO. And the "@" hides it in the jump-bar on the right side.

thanks Gernnot, I have to do my homework  :-[ :-[


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