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Kitty Hello:
OK, I have a few ideas for improvements.

First, horizontal scrolling is in, but I must have the option to only scroll horizontally, too. The spawn-lines will be spawn-points then. If the point becomes visible, the enemies are spawned. Same for the End-of-level. Must be a point that comes visible and the level is over.

Next, if you have horizontal, you need gravity, and thus, a jump-button and jump-power. Also options about "constant jump height, or Mario style, and direction change while jumping/falling. Will this be too complicated?

Then, I need an option to make upgrades/specials. So, if you want to remake SuperMario, there must be an option to have the extras move around. In a first version, maybe it's enough to allow an enemy to "drop" some extra when he's dead. You could place an enemy that looks like background then to ave the "jump up to get power" blocks. Might work.

The main problem is: how to handle the extras? Like: attach a "player definition" to some extra, and when you collect it, your player changes? That way you could enter a tank, like in IKARI. But when will you loose it? Options: OnOuch, AfterSomeTime and AfterLevel, maybe?

I'm really excited about what ideas you might bring.

Kitty Hello:
OK, I had a quick play with the SEUCK engine, and implemented gravity, jumping and walking up slopes. Here's a crap game I made with it:

It's total shite, I know. But consider this: it's 100% no coding. If only I could draw :s

Kitty Hello:
OK, new version online. You can make Jump&Run games now. Also Linux&Mac binaries (no voice recording, though)

Warning, this is not 100% stable, in my Mario example, the final flag enemy wave is not showing up :/

Kitty Hello:
Works a treat now. Also, you can change the colours in the palette now, which is was very much missing.
I made the drawings feel much faster and you can craw continuous strokes now (I connect last position-new position with a line instead of "setpixel" now (internally it's all working on an array, the image gets created on the fly) ).



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