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GLBasic Contest 02: 2D Art

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--- Quote from: WPShadow ---
--- Quote ---only question is how fast console window can be refreshed, and some functions to print at selected X,Y position would be also usefully.
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That shouldn't be your problem... every developer have to find a way by himself to fix this issue  :D

--- End quote ---
Nothing better to motivate a programmer ;)

At first, I didn't think of a console demo only in ASCII, but why not, the challenge can be very interesting.
So, you're right Dreamerman, it's a lot harder to find good ideas with only ASCII  O_O

@WPShadow - Yes 6 weeks is good I think.
But when will this poll be finished? (I really have a hard time choosing), I hope you leave a message 24 hours before the closing of this poll.

I will close this poll in 10 days... that should be more than enough time!


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