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1. how do i show onely one of two menus ihave?
i have a main and a right click menu, how to i show the right click when i click the rightmouse button.

im getting this error? what is it?

BUILD STAGE 1: Compile and pack RELEASE
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.RuntimeException: Failed to create Q:\Compiler\platform\android\android-sdk-windows\add-ons.
Buildfile: build.xml does not exist!
Build failed
when i complie it dosent seem to fint my box2d.h.

the game compiles for android and pc ok.

any ideas?
any one has a starting code example of movement and rotation? im trying to make an old school style rpg like eye of the beholder, any one have an example code for movement and camera rotation?

10x in advance.
hi look at this

i creatd this but i cant get the part where the angel of the plane is faceing the camera

any help whold be appriciated

im making a top down game where enemys try to catch you
there is the code for enemy movement:

Code (glbasic) Select

FUNCTION enemyMove:
LOCAL pi = 3.14159265

FOR x=0 TO LEN(enemysFleet[])-1 STEP 1

//calculate distance between follower and target
    LOCAL distanceX = (b_BodyGetPosX(tmpObjxx)-b_BodyGetPosX(enemysFleet[x].obj))
    LOCAL distanceY = (b_BodyGetPosY(tmpObjxx)-b_BodyGetPosY(enemysFleet[x].obj))

    LOCAL  distanceTotal = SQR(distanceX*distanceX+distanceY*distanceY);

  IF distanceTotal <= 80000
LOCAL moveX=enemysFleet[x].turnRate*distanceX/distanceTotal
LOCAL moveY=enemysFleet[x].turnRate*distanceY/distanceTotal

LOCAL totalmove = SQR(moveX * moveX + moveY * moveY)
moveX = enemysFleet[x].speed * moveX / totalmove;
moveY = enemysFleet[x].speed * moveY / totalmove;

// b_moveObject( enemysFleet[x].obj,b_BodyGetPosX(enemysFleet[x].obj)+moveX,b_BodyGetPosY(enemysFleet[x].obj)+moveY,0)

LOCAL angleInRadians = ATAN(moveX, moveY);
LOCAL andleInDegrees  = angleInRadians * (180 / pi);

LOCAL velocityX =  SIN (   b_BodyGetAngle(enemysFleet[x].obj))*enemysFleet[x].speed
LOCAL velocityY = COS (   b_BodyGetAngle(enemysFleet[x].obj))*enemysFleet[x].speed


IF enemysFleet[x].mission="attack"


ELSEIF enemysFleet[x].mission="run"




i cant seem to get the enemy's to turn at you with difrent turn rates

any ideas?

any one done this?
the math is messing with my brain :)
on regular screen size  480x320 im at 32+ fps
and  on retina i get 9

any workaround or someting?
im creating a glb function to read vertex points from vrml1 that i export from ac3d

for some reson i cant get the thing to work
here is the lib
test it and maybe fix and share :)

[attachment deleted by admin]
im draw 2 polygons one after the other and it seems the engine connects the poly's together

any ideas why?
the arrays are difrent ones for the points for the polygon creation

here is the game , forgot to post this :)

its a party game where you take turns to finish a tower of bricks to reach the portal.
could it work?
any way or furure addon for glbasic?
what is faster, x_drawobj or x_line?
GLBasic - en / glsl shaders
hi i found this, its a glsl shader that does all the photoshopp blending modes

how do i implement this?

i want to create this effect:

thay baiscly
blur the image and then add a color threshlod
any way to do that in glbasic?
hi i saw this thred:

and the demo fluid dosent seem to compile on the new glbasic?
any ideas how to do a full screen blur?
GLBasic - en / http post
i am useing an api from
it it done with netwebget?
i cant seem to make it work any ideas?
there are alot of examples there whats the best one to use with glbasic?
GLBasic - en / savebmp path
why isnt this saving on the path i wanted:

PRINT frameCounter,0,0,0
LOCAL path$="D:/frame"+frameCounter+".bmp"