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Kitty Hello


S'il vous plaît quelqu'un peut-il essayer d'écrire des trémas dans ce programme? Je veux savoir si vous pouvez faire un jeu de mots avec des caractères spéciaux français.

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Je ne suis pas capable d'obtenir tous les caractères. Je passe en anglais pour mieux te discuter!  :)


I have some problems with these characters.
I don't know if it's the input algorithm, but one time on three, the character doesn't show.
By example, if I try to show 'ç', I press the accent key, '¸', and then the key 'c'. But the program will sometime show "¸c", sometime "¸çc". The program always print directly the key I press.
I cant obtain 'œ', but no problem with 'é' or 'É', work each time.
If we forget that, everything work, just need a little battle.  :)

PS : The letter 'é' got a dedicated key, I just have to press one time on it, or with Shift to make 'É'. Other key need to press on the accent key, and then the letter. Don't know if it can help. Also, my keyboard is from Québec, French Canadian. So France keyboard(AZERTY) can be different.

Good job!  ;)
My primary language is French, so sorry if what I say seem incoherent. ;)