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Off Topic / Back on the net
« on: 2018-Oct-25 »
Yay, nearly 2 months without a proper internet service and now I’m back on. What a mess my it’s been. Glad I’m back in the modern world.

On the plus side I’ll be able able to up load at a much faster rate. Maybe do some YouTube vids etc.

Phew!  8)

Off Topic / RIP Ben Daglish
« on: 2018-Oct-04 »
One of my all time 8-bit chiptune heroes Ben Daglish has passed away. His work on Deflektor, 3D Galax and  Auf Wiedersehen Monty we’re works of genius that still hold up to this day. He’ll be sadly missed.

Why? GLBasic uses the default OpenGL 1.1 headers for it's OpenGL. These are functional but lack a lot of features. Advanced blending modes, shaders with decent features etc. need GL 3.0+
To add OpenGL functionality to your project I use GLee (GL Easy Extension library), see here...

To use it within your projects all the hard work is done within the project options dialog. I used the GCC command line option to pre-empt the GLBasic linking process.

Before that though, I need a folder, within my games ("PMS") project folder to hold the GLee.h and GLee.c library files. See attached archive.

STEP 1: Create a container folder and copy the GLee files into it

For my PMS game, its in "MyC", within the PMS game project folder...

Code: (glbasic) [Select]
"C:\Coding Folder\Projects\GLBasic\PMS\MyC"
Obviously change the "C:\Coding Folder\Projects\GLBasic\PMS\" bit to match your own projects path.

Once that has been created. Extract the files mentioned above into the "MyC" folder.

STEP 2: Include the header and link it's library file in the project options

Open your project options dialog ( In the GLB IDE Menu - "Project" then "Options" )

An on your "cmp" (Compiler command line options) and "lnk" (Linker command line options) add these two lines (keep the quotes BTW)

In "cmp" ...
Code: (glbasic) [Select]
-I"C:\Coding Folder\Projects\GLBasic\PMS\MyC" -include GLee.h
In "lnk" ...
Code: (glbasic) [Select]
"C:\Coding Folder\Projects\GLBasic\PMS\MyC\GLee.c"
Save and exit.

Thats it!

Here's a very quick test for OpenGL 3.0 support ...

Code: (glbasic) [Select]
  //OpenGL 3.0 is supported (Minimum)
  DEBUG( (DGStr)" OpenGL 3.0+ supported " );
glClampColor(GL_CLAMP_READ_COLOR, GL_FALSE); // Quick usless OpenGL 3.0 only command
// to show that its working. Remove in final game!
// There should be NO compile errors if GLBasic accepts
// it as a valid inline command.

Check for errors. The above should be at the beginning of any program that uses this lib as it's a good check for older unsupported cards too.

A couple of tips.

Changing the linked library("lnk") "C:\Coding Folder\Projects\GLBasic\PMS\MyC\GLee.c" to ""C:\Coding Folder\Projects\GLBasic\PMS\MyC\GLee.a" allows for static linking of GLee and therefore much quicker compiles. But you will need to recompile (GLee.c & GLee.h into GLee.a) for any other platform other than Windows to staticly link it for another platform. There is a Windows "GLee.a" in the "" within the main archive. This is what I actually use.

Once the library is installed, you now have full OpenGL inline support using DGInt, DGNat, DGStr etc. This is VERY handy once you get comfortable with mixing inline GL code with normal GLBasic. It's also very easy to wrap the new GL commands.

Announcements / PMS
« on: 2018-Aug-02 »
Here is my new game, PMS. It's a 3D all vector tube shooter, very old school in design.

I've added quick video of the first couple of levels. Only two baddies on the first levels but I think they are better for demoing it as its a bit less chaotic.

95% pure GLbasic + 5% inline C code for some GL work. Also, "P.M.S" is the alpha name, "X.T.C" will be the final name.

Important! Don't play the video from the Dropbox website, go to the top right and direct download it to your computer before you play it or it will be visually a mess.

About the video: For some reason Dropbox adds an extra level of compression when streaming, its already very compressed as I wanted to keep the video 1080p & 60hz, so it's a bit washed out a compressed to begin with. Drop box kills the res and frame-rate, no idea why. But my upload speed if 44k, so this took 2 days to upload! :P I'm a total noob with dealing with video recording and uploading. Oh and I'm sorry for the overlong pause at the main menu, that's me fumbling for the video overlay. Also, you may have to full-screen it as it's 1080p.

Oh, an you may notice the saturation go up an down a bit, I've rigged a filter to emulate old CRTs that is activated when I press back on my joypad hat for testing, kinda forgot that while recording and hit it by mistake a couple of times.

I'll add a progress report from time to time on this thread. Comments welcome.

Thank you for your time.

...OH, since the loading screen was cut off at the beginning...

GLBasic - en / 2D full-screen shader example?
« on: 2018-Apr-20 »
Anyone done this in GLB?

If so could you point me in the correct direction of the link?

Off Topic / Whats Santa bringing you?
« on: 2017-Dec-16 »
I bought one of these off of ebay...

Pretty ancient as steering wheels go but it cheap'n'cheerful. Now all I need is an arcade racer (I tried project cars but it was "too" realistic and felt a bit of a chore to drive).

Anyone getting something nice/interesting this year?

Off Topic / Internet = meh!
« on: 2017-Nov-06 »
My internet provider went belly up, so I’m stuck using sporadic 3G. Looks like it will take a couple of weeks to setup a new land line connection. It’s amazing how much the net takes up of your spare time, I never really noticed till it wasn’t there. I have been forced have actual conversations with real people and read actual books!  :D

I also never noticed how much time I spent tweeting, Reddit, reading mail, checking git hub, coding sites etc. I think it must me 2-3 hours a day!

If I didn’t need it for my day job, I’d consider leaving it off as I feels like it can consume an unhealthy amount of your time... maybe!  :P

Off Topic / Santa plz... (C64 Mini)
« on: 2017-Oct-04 »
by me one of these...

Seriously though, I know it's really just made up from a RaspPI+VICE emu or something similar but the games look good as does that joystick (looks like a Quickshot Competition Pro?).

Off Topic / Sequencer Software
« on: 2017-Aug-22 »
Anyone use sequencing software(Ableton, Reaper, FLStudio etc.)? Looking for some recommendations, I need to record and edit some sound + midi? :doubt:

Off Topic / Steam Summer Sale
« on: 2017-Jun-22 »
Starts tonight at 6:00pm CET, always good for a couple of bargains(esp. if you have kids that have PC's  ;/)

Off Topic / CRPG Book
« on: 2017-Jun-11 »

This is a preview by the author but it is already a great read for anyone who is into CRPG's. I thoroughly enjoyed it!  ;)

Media Section / Game Asset List
« on: 2017-Jun-08 »
Nice curated page of asset sources and asset creating utilities.

Off Topic / Good (free) modeller
« on: 2017-May-26 »
Gloss3D -

Seems a very capable little modeller and it's free, under development and opensource.  :good:

Off Topic / [youtube] tag no longer works?
« on: 2017-May-19 »
No longer can I post videos?

Off Topic / Think about it...
« on: 2017-Mar-30 »


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