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Title: iOS SDK
Post by: x12 on 2010-Aug-04
GLBasic looks like it could make 2d and 3d game iPhone development easier and more affordable.
I would like to include support for Sqlite databases, in-app purchasing, and gyroscope reading (iOS 4).
Is it possible to create 3rd party extensions to support these?
Title: Re: iOS SDK
Post by: MrTAToad on 2010-Aug-04
A database system is in the process of being developed (but not necessarily for the iPod/iPhone/iPad).  In-app purchasing I think has been done, and gyroscope reading could be done with possibly the joypad commands.
Title: Re: iOS SDK
Post by: trucidare on 2010-Aug-04
anyone could create extensions, simply add the .m and .h files to your xcode project, import functions in glbasic with IMPORT "C" and youre done. C++ and objC knowledge needed.