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While I was going through the forum and happened upon Kitty Hello's ray caster, in which I believe it was mentioned that it went from C to FreeBasic to GLBasic.

So I decided to (quickly even) convert a experiment I had done in freebasic.

You can find it here.

Although it doesn't seem to quite perform as well as the Freebasic version, my current intent with the concept requires a far less amount of spaces to render then either of these two versions handle.

The version below, the GLB one, lacks the file handling of the Freebasic version and uses a smaller array for the plotting of the squares. 


Both are far from complete and perfect, but mostly done out for fun.  They lack proper spacing for one.

I believe one main reason Freebasic ran better was due to how I made sure variables were exactly what they needed to be, integers, bytes, floats, ect.  Could be other factors too.

This little experiment had also inspired another one in GM using 20 layers of images to create a fake-voxel style side-scroller engine.  Link provided below.

Playable tech demo
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