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Now some sprites, mostly 16x16 tilesets.

All-In-One Game Maker Pixelart Bundle on Fanatical.
5 items -> €1.10
15 items -> €8.90
28 items -> €14.50
End date: 22.04.2024

Tilesets: Grassy Fields, Magical Forest, Beastly Dungeon, Cliffside Greens, Dark Passage, Enchanted Pathways, Arctic Caves, Monster's Nest, Abominabe Lair, Forbidden Chambers, Mystic Dunegon, Haunted Dungeon.
Pixel effects: Buff and Debuff,Light Spells, Fire Spells, Ice Spells.
Sound packs: Game Sounds 1, User Interface 1, User Interface 2, Magic & Spells,  Magic & Spells 2, Footsteps, Game Sounds 2, Sci-Fi User Interface.
Font packs: Pixelart, Pixelart 2, Pixelart 3, Other: UI Gamepad Buttons.

Couple of such bundles and you have music for game, maybe not original but at least good quality and professional, but what's most important, it's normally licensed so no problems with that either.

Cinematic Soundwaves: Inspiring Audio for Film & Gaming on Humble Bundle.
4 items -> €1.00
12 items -> €9.16
30 items -> €18.32
End date: 09.04.2024

This bundle is jam-packed with over 22 hours of royalty-free music, ready to add to your latest creation.
Music packs: Orchestral, Themes, Electric Dreams, Sad Songs, Country Dreams, Pop Music, Electrobeats, Bass Tones, Flower Power, Touch & Glow, Fever, Darkness, Melancholia, Dance Away, Happy Days, Rock Follies, Creepshow, Stormbringer, Rainy Daze, Summertime.
Loop packs: Rhythms, Landscapes, Echoes, Dreams, Feelings, String Fever, Spaces, Solo Instruments, Ghosts, Melodic Moods.

Video shows much better how it works, and the effect looks very nice in action, specially if enemies also affect the grass.
Indeed, good to see some GLB projects still rolling on, and yeah development time can be long but patience and consistency is the key to get it done.
Regarding the effect itself, it's shaking or more like bending the grass to ground, or something like that? Such detail is always welcome as even today not all AAA game have vegetation that is reacting to player :D
Dark Worlds Movie and Gaming Music Build your own Bundle on Fanatical
Music packs of various genres for movie/game projects.
2 items -> €3.30
8 items -> €8.80
17 items -> €13.25
End date: 03.04.2024

Music packs: Breaking the code, Forgotten realms, Freakshow, H(A)UNTED- Outlast, Pandemic, Lunacy, Cyber vampire killer, Midnight worship, Paranormal evening, Beyond the horizon, The Archives chronicles 1, Shadows guild part 2, Spectre, Starfield, Slaughter at the lake, Shadows guild part 3, The Archives chronicles vol 2.

Low polygon 3d models: environments, characters. Mostly suited for more advanced 3d game making tools, but something ma be usefully in simpler projects.
4 items -> €1
9 items -> €22
23 items -> €23
End date: 25.03.2024

Assets packs: Ancient Empire, Sci-Fi Space Pack, Farm Pack, Office Pack, City Zombies Pack, Town Pack, Fantasy Characters Pack, City Characters Pack, Fantasy Characters Pack, Icons Pack, Nightclubs, City Characters Pack, Fantasy Rivals Pack, Fantasy Pack, Prototype Pack, City Pack, Spy Kit, Explorer Kit, Snow Kit.

From time to time there are nice deals on game related software, assest's or programming books on different websites, I thought that would be easier to inform about them in a single topic with little description so anyone interested would easily check basic info about particular bundle/deal.
Personally I check bundles on Humble Bundle, Fanatical and, if you will find something not mentioned here don't hesitate to post it.

To start, there is Melodic Mayhem: A Comprehensive Audio And Music Bundle on Humble Bundle
It contains royalty-free music tracks and sound effects for games, full price isn't high for what if offers, whole pack is something around 20GB of assets.
8 items -> €1
23 items -> €13.85
45 items -> €18.47
End date: 14.03.2024

Music packs: Magical, Western, Orchestral Ambient, Electronic Ambient, Chiptune Music, Casual, Synth Fantasy, Nordic, Orchestral Rock, Industrial, Synthpop, Rhythmic, Fantasy, Unreal, Unity, Godot, Ambient, Classical, Electronic, Hip Hop, Horror, Japanese.
Sound FX packs: Impacts, Fire, Horror & Suspense, Hollywood Action, Medieval Sound, Environmental Ambiences, Cyberpunk, Foley: Footsteps, Foley: Appliances, Foley: Movement & Locomotion, Vehicles: Cars, Steampunk, Jingles & Stingers, Computers & Machines, Simple Magic, Microscale: Bugs, Casual & Mobile, Water, UI & Menus, Science Fiction.
and plugins for popular game engines.

@Kitty Hello
Good to hear that, as it gives hope for possible other targets like TV's, as they should support WebAssembly, at least I hope so.

What error is visible in browser's JS developer console (or however it;s called in other browsers beside Opera), other thing is that from what I remember GLB used some internal http server for testing html5 projects, are you using separate client like Xampp?
It would be nice to have some list of functions not working in HTML target and possible workarounds, in one post or something. Fully working HTML5 game can be for example packed into UWP or whatever it's now called and played on Xbox consoles. That's off topic but C++ inline and additional libs like SDL are not supported most likely, as SDL has some HTML5 port from what I remember.
Merry Christmas and all the best in New Year :)
Generally VSync in full screen should work, one thing that's some kind awkward is that GLB starts glBegin right after flipping buffers.. Problem may be dependent from GPU/OS/drivers combination, as mentioned try forcing VSync in gpu drivers control panel. On older Vega iGPU I don't see issues (full screen, 60Hz display, fps set to 60-120 always limited by vsync to 60 without screen tearing).
You can also check stability of rendering frames with some software like MSI Afterburner or new Intel PresentMon.
Tutorials / Re: Chat.GPT
All that AI stuff evolved so much in couple last years.. We are on the verge of revolution in many aspects of creative work, such AI tools will replace many 'creative' professions and on other hand will create new ones.. Imagine if someone is writing a legit book and need some art for cover or as illustrations for new chapters, now he can use MindJurney by him self and get something interesting, on other hand artist can use such tools to fastly generate many different visions/sketches of some client idea and later use it as base for further work and so on.. AI can now write basic books (like motivation, biography, books for kids), but will not write large series or universe that makes cross reference (like Cosmere - by Brandon Sanderson), but could be used for new ideas or to make parts of narration. Maybe it would be usefully in writing some parts of more advanced code not only simpler examples (but fact that it already can write a working game in such niche language as GLB is stunning).

On my hand I'm interested in game asset creation, more particular sprites with animation or something that would be usefull in a game, yet still such AI models need a lot of training in that direction (and of course it will be hard to deliver competitive art for them). Those are couple examples generated with Leonardo AI with different creation models:
Presentation is very good, clean and nice, one thing that I could advise is to tune colors a bit more, so they could be easier to distinguish- some color combinations like light/dark orange and red can cause problems on lower brightness / worse screens.
On gameplay side you can add something like counter to each color to show how much more tiles need to have that color and some marking that 3x3 square, column and row are filled properly - numbers are easier to read in that regard, so faster to fill up, that are some 'quality of life' features that were present in one mobile sudoku game that I played passionately for couple of weeks to beat personal records.
1) 'build' function uses Win32 as target platform, not sure if always.
2) in previous GLB versions it was compiled to distribute/Win64, not sure why now it's Win32, nevertheless
latest compiled version is always copied to '' path, so yuo can use that.
3) 64bit windows is treated as separate platform, so you need to specify proper starting resolution in Project->Options
It is worth to note that this is the 'ver 7', so newest, I didn't saw it on forum previously, to this date I had ver 6, thanks for uploading it ;-)