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Just want to share progress on my project Reactor Rod. It's a retro style 2D maze style game, inspired by some of the old 8-bit Acornsoft/Superior games like Ravenskull and Pipeline.

I've been working on the game since early last year, there's lots more levels to design and some graphical/audio improvements to make in the existing levels, and just some general polishing.

The game works on Windows - it's still in alpha stage with only three levels and it's on my page here:

What's the easiest way you find to add a customised program icon to a GLBASIC project (desktop Windows)? In the past I've used things like InstallForge with mixed success (sort of works, but doesn't always apply the icon). Is there a way to add an ico file into the settings before compiling?

I'm using v16 Steam edition but have access to earlier versions.

I'm struggling to find answers on the forum threads and help file. Recommendations appreciated!
I'm thinking of purchasing the HTML5 Compiler on Steam (I have the Steam version of GLB). I can't seem to find any documentation for it (apart from a few notes on the Steam site):

QuoteThis compiler, using Emscripten, results in an html webpage, that runs your GLBasic application/game in any modern webbrowser. You can also use it to export GLBasic function to JavaScript for other projects. Emscripten will compile a wasm (Web assembly) for you, that runs really fast.
There are two options included:

    HTML5-WebGL - This uses the webgl backend and allows fast graphics, using hardware accelleration
    HTML5 - This uses a builtin graphics engine, that renders the output per pixel. It's not as fast as webgl, but more compatible for older computers or computers with higher security limitations.

There are some limitations, though:

    You must run the main loop using SETLOOPSUB, instead of a classic WHILE TRUE; ...; WEND loop.
    File write access is quite limited
    The data must be loaded using a real webserver, or a local webserver (included for testing). Modern browsers will refuse to load graphics, if you just open the html file from the local drive.

I've had a nose around the forum and elsewhere for some more documentation but without luck. I'd be interested to know a bit more before buying it if possible (although might just take the plunge and have a play with it  =D )

If anyone knows of any guides, release note docs would be much appreciated! I did find a 9 year old thread testing html5 but nothing recent for the Steam release.
Just wondering if anyone has heard about any updates coming to GLB this year? It seems very quiet so far... I know last year we had several small updates which although small were nice to see things still getting updated  :)

I've been testing my games with an old version of GLBASIC (v12) to compile for Mac OS x86. I'm looking to make the game available for vintage Macs and I've had some success with compiling and running on my old Mac running 10.11 El Capitan. However I'm getting the demo message flashing up in the top corner of the screen. I'm a paid up user of v16 via Steam, is there a way to get a licence key to use the older versions as registered? :)
Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone else has tried GLBasic on Windows 11 in Parallels on a Mac M1? I've found GLBasic (via Steam) installs fine and you can use the editor, but I'm experiencing fading of the sprites during game play. First few seconds it's okay. The fading effect could also be intepreted as flickering at high speed. Curious where the problem might be - ARM, Parallels, Windows 11 or the fact it's Windows 11 insider preview. Could be any or many of these causing a problem I guess!  =D
First of all apologies if I've missed something blazingly obvious.. I recently purchased GLBasic on Steam and would like to know how to get Mac OS, Linux and Raspberry Pi etc to appear in the Build Multiplatform list on the Compiler menu. I have an older trial version of GLBasic installed on my old PC and all the other platforms are just there.

I have discovered 'Platforms' on the Web menu in the application and downloaded the Mac zip file and unzipped it, so I think I'm on the right track but what do I do with it next (if in fact I'm doing the right thing =D ).