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Title : Galaxix
Format : iPad iOS 4.3+
Price : £1.99 / $2.99

AppStore Link :

"We explore, fight, mine and trade. It's the only way to survive, Galaxix..."

Welcome, Pilot... To the lawless, dog eat dog solar system of Galaxix! - We hope you'll survive. Most don't.

If you do, maybe you will rise above the privateers, pirates and corporations intent on stealing what's yours and take it from them instead! - Good luck, you're going to need it. 

Trading, ship to ship combat, asteroid mining and a good dose of luck. These are just some of the skills you will need to rise from the ashes of your "rust bucket" of a space ship, and trade your way through the universe, building up a personal fortune, reputation, and defences while battling the corporations, privateers, sharks, and anyone else trying to take them from you.

As you progress, you can upgrade to better, faster and more reliable ships. Bounty hunting, asteroid mining, or trading anything from water to computers, jewellery to weapons. Kit your ship out with, lasers, homing missiles, particle weapons and shields.

Bask in the glory as you become a dominant force in the galaxy. But be careful, each action you take increases the bounty on your head and there are many who will thrive at a chance to take it all away from you.

Galaxix features a fully open play area. Go where ever you want with 1,000,000 sectors to explore. Fight when you have to, trade when you need to, go asteroid mining if you want to. It's your choice, your destiny and ultimately, your fate.



For centuries birds have lived happily in the most beautiful peaceful place known as BirdVille.
Now everything has changed. Earthlings were so jealous of BirdVille that they decided to attack this lovely place. Now all of BirdVille has been destroyed by humans and the poor birds have no where to live.

You have been assigned to lead the Dirty Bird Squadron to victory. Help them in their mission to attack all humans and their machines so that BirdVille may be restored once again. The earthlings have done too much damage and now they will face the consequences.

This is what Chief Baldy, head of the Dirty Bird Squadron had to say:
These pesky humans have destroyed our homes, trees and even our own species.
This will be stopped once and for all. I have assigned 3 of our best fighters and only you can lead them to victory. We will invade every city until no humans remain. We will bombard every city with poo. We will poo so hard we will make a poo heaven. This is pay back time. Show no mercy!
- Chief Baldy (Leader of Dirty Birds Squadron)

- Super smooth full screen scrolling. Runs at 60 fps even on older devices.
- Professionally hand drawn graphics and animation.
- Really cute animated birds, each with their own characteristics and special abilities.
- Play as Teety, an adorable Blue Tit bird.
- Play as Robby, the fast agile Robin.
- Play as Cocky, the meanest cockatiel ever to soar through the skies.
- Realistic environmental sound effects. Sounds will change depending on where you are flying. Fly high and listen to the birds, fly low and you will hear the sounds of the busy and dangerous city.
- Take to the skies and play in 3 lovely bonus challenges.
- Play HULA BIRDS and fly through every hula for points.
- Play ANGRY SNOWBALLS and avoid snowballs for points.
- Play BUCKET POO, a really exciting Bonus level that will test your speed and reflexes.
- Earn bonus level points to unlock new birds, and accessories.
- Re-playability feature. Attempt every level until you get the Gold Star.
- Advance through the levels by destroying all humans and machines.
- Perfect learning curve. Starts really easy and every level will prove to be more challenging.
- 50 levels of non-stop action and fun.
- Online Scores. Compete with everyone around the world.
- No annoying Loading Ads - Birds don't really like them :)

- Control is really simple. Just tap anywhere on the screen to flap your cute wings and fly.
- Release to dive down and gain speed and momentum.
- Tap on the poo area to drop your poo like if it were a bomb.
- Tap on the special area to use your special ability once activated.

Plans for Dirty Birds v1.1:
- Retina Support.
- iPad Support.
- More levels.
- More birds with special abilities.
- More accessories and many more shopping goodies, endless hours of fun.

Have any great ideas for Dirty Birds?
I would love to hear from you. All ideas are very welcome and I will try and implement them in future updates.
Which is your favourite bird you would like to see? I would love to hear about that too.

Thanks for all your support and feedback.

App Store Game Link:

App Store Demo Link:

Dirty Birds Website:

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Title : zzCar
Format : iPad, iPhone, iPod iOS 3.0+
Price : $0.99

AppStore Link :
More info:

Drive your car through road mazes, defending yourself from kamikazes that are looking for you, and earn a lot of points gathering energy modules and pieces for a mysterious artifact.

Your vehicle outperforms all the others: it is equipped with missiles and land-mines that you will be able to reload in each level. Destroy your enemies and retrieve all pieces to be the best.

The Game
More than 30 game levels in a solo-campaign.
8 different scenarios.
3 difficulty levels.
Leaderboard with the best of the best.

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Our First Game: Rock Crush!

Rock Crush - the first genuine retro ZX81 game in the App Store!!

There weren't that many high res games made on the ZX81 - almost all games were character set based low res games - albeit some of them ingenious..

Rock Crush is an iOS rewrite but great pains have been taken by the original author to go back to the original graphics and ensure they are pixel perfect on the iPad.

Inspired by an Atari game called Damonds by Jim Hunt (1983), Rock Crush was an original ZX81 high res game.

*Only recently did I see Diamonds in action in real life on You Tube as I had never actually played it - it turns out the gameplay is totally different.. but I was working from an advert in a computer magazine!

I already rewrote the game for the PC platform in 2001, so that version graphics are included in a second version of the game included.

Yet another, third version, is re-imagined with 2011 style graphics..

Updates are planned as well as a future iPhone version!

Author: Steven McDonald And Dave Maltman
Publisher: Techword Services
iTunes Link:

Rock Crush

Genre: Arcade Puzzle Game.

Application Description:

Rollup, Rollup! Get your copy here!!

Rock Crush - 27th Anniversary Edition!!

The first silent, black and white ZX81 game in the App store! What a selling point eh?

OK - don't leave yet - there is a brand spanking new all singing, dancing 2001 colour mode with sound...

Not forgetting the brand new 2011 mode with enhanced modern graphics suited to the iPad's HD screen resolution!

Thats three game modes in one! There is a thumping respectful soundtrack too, if you want it!

For all the Sinclair ZX81/Texas 1000 owners out there who may remember my game - good news - this is a pixel perfect rewrite!

It's not an emulator but what you see on your iPad screen and how it feels is exactly pixel perfect to the original (when you select original ZX81 mode of course).

Yes folks - A genuine ZX81 High Res game - in the App Store!

Lets go back in history a bit..

Rock Crush was originally written by Steven McDonald, back in 1985 for the 16K ZX81 computer.

Those old enough to remember will recall the machine had a very Low Resolution black and white graphics display and had no sound.

Rock Crush used a special Z80 HIRES graphics routine that allowed a quality of display not normally possible!

In essence, ZX Spectrum screen quality, without any additional hardware!

The original game was written in Z80 machine code and ran fast on that machine!

This careful rewrite by the original author, features a ZX81 Emulation mode with the original graphics! ZX81's didn't normally have "hires" graphics modes except when special display routines were used..

Even then the effect was only "pseudo hires" - in short you didn't have access to the full 256 pixel patterns available per byte - only a limited subset. Most users weren't aware of this but it does explain the odd compromised pixel out of place in the ZX81 graphics, if you look close. It was a nice illusion!!!

We added some sound to this version and also added an imagined ZX colour mode with an extra 10 levels.

This is how I like to think my game would have turned out back in 1985, had the ZX featured decent sound and colour! (Been a Commodore 64 clone in other words!).

I already rewrote the game for the PC in 2001 - so this is where the 2001 ZX colour Mode came from. I decided to keep it and make it available here as well as I like the updated colour graphics and extra 10 levels for one thing!

Guide your man "Dan" around 20 screens collecting the diamonds and avoiding the rocks! Who can get the highest score??

Try it - And let us know If you get the highest possible score of 99999!

This is more a puzzle than an arcade action game but you can't stand still under a rock!

Try and solve all 10 original and 10 enhanced levels..

A Note On The New Scoring System:

I was never happy with the original scoring system, so rewrote it in 2001 and kept in for this rewrite.

You score 150 points per Diamond (16 Diamonds per sheet).

You score an additional 250 points for every sheet completed.

You score 1 point for each piece of Earth that is mined.

You score 2 points for jumping out of the way of a rock - danger points!!!

If score goes over 99999, it stays at 99999!

If your score goes below 0, it stays at 0!

You lose 4000 points for every life lost, except if you are on your last life, your score is 99999 and you blew yourself up!

A Note on the Game Controls:

Use the arrows built into the walls - its easiest to play holding the iPad in your hand. If you get trapped - click on your man to blow yourself up!!!

The iCade control device is supported!

Coming in the next update:

High score timings for each level - try and beat the time record per level! Plus many more things to come! Level packs etc.

Check out the play videos on the support website - this game is supposed to be played FAST!!! (Videos coming soon!)

Price £1.99  £1.49  ( <- price edit by moderator to reflect second posting that I removed)

Thanks for reading!

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Yakas can't fly
iTunes link

Get ready for the action.
You can't miss this addictive game!

How to play:
- Tilt to move left or right

- Up to 15 levels (and counting)
- Final Bosses
- Bonus levels
- Endless level
- Drop bombs into bosses to finish them
- Extremely addictive

Easy? i don't think so...



Name : Snake Revolutions
Price : Free
Device : iPod/iPhone/iPad (Retina supported)
Do you remember Snake? Do you also remember it was a bit limited by being a bit slow to build up, and you could only turn sharply?

Not so with Snake Revolutions. It speeds along and will give you all that Snake retro goodness you used to love and spin it around. Literally! Turn your device (or use optional touchscreen controls) like a steering wheel to motor around the board, rotating the screen as you turn! Avoid the yellow walls that fall down as you play, and don't go out of the red boundary lines.

Other than that you mustn't let your hunger timer reach zero, so pick up the blue food packages (also for a higher score). The purple pill will slow you down, giving you time to think when things get hectic, and the white pill will reverse your controls for a time, but also raise your score for a greater highscore. It won't help your hunger out though... Launched at introductory rates, so buy now before the price goes up soon!
Current fave quote: Cause you like musicians and I like people with boobs.


Name of the App: Bears 'n' Bees
Genre: Casual/Action
Costs: Free!

Description: The bees want to have their honey back! Defend yourself, in this exciting Action game. Use the mighty flyswatter! Fight regular bees, queens and even zombees!
Even though I have released other games before, this was the first game I started in GlBasic. Its gameplay is pretty simple but i think it turned out to be a fun game. :)


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Title : zzKroc
Format : iPhone/iPod iOS 3.0+
Price : $0.99

AppStore Link :
More info:

Do you have some free time and you like puzzles?
zzKroc is then your entertainment.

Choose the picture you like, select the difficulty level and place the pieces into the right position with a simple tap.

zzKroc has been designed to entertain adults but also to stimulate search, attention and linking skills in children.

There are hint buttons in the game to assist the player in solving the puzzles very easily. The player will find several tips that will offer support in every round. You can enable or disable them at will.


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0.99$ / 0.79€

SD: iPhone 3G/3GS:

HD: iPhone 4/4S e iPAD:

This comes with 50 images. Another 150 images through InApp purchase.

Don't miss DOTS AND LINES game, you childs will love it... and you!

The classic "Connect the Dots" ABC/123 game revamped with new game modes, fun, minigames, entertainment and a ton of pictures.

It is shipped with 50 images in the normal version and 200 with the PLUS one, so your kids will be entertained forever! (Demo has only 10 images!)

Your children will have great fun with the nice drawings to play with.

Also, we have 3 different game modes to connect the dots, and 3 difficulty settings (very easy, easy and normal)

The words and numbers can be spoken in english or spanish, so your kids will learn ABC while they play.

What's more, after each drawing, a little mini game is shown, making the fun greater!

Ideal for entertaining the children while driving, travelling or while you are cooking.


App Name: MetroBeatHD
App Version Number: 2.2
App SKU: 500-01
App Apple ID:506064470

Name: MetroBeatHD
Genre: Music
Cost: US$ 0.99
Min OS: iOS 5
File size: 1.4MB
Application Submission Type : Appstore
Available for : iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

MetroBeat is a precise metronome for Apple mobile devices. Musicians will enjoy the intuitive controls in one screen. Audio and visual tempo indicators a volume control with a built in mute! Tempo ranges from 30 to 300. Tap up and down controls to increment tempo in 1 or 10 units. Time signatures up to 17 beats per measure and beat counter. Auto Save store your settings automaticaly!
MacBook Pro OS X El Capitan
XCode Version 7
iPhone 6 running  iOS 9
iPad Mini running  iOS 7.1
Galaxy S5
Dell Latitude Windows 8 Enterprise
Palm Pre, Palm Pre2


It's my second! :D

Title : iBall2
Format : iPhone/iPod iOS 4.31
Price : Free for 4 Levels, InApp Purchase for all levels

AppStore Link :

In iBall2 your task is to navigate one or more balls to the designated target, without touching any obstacle! Control the ball by tilting your device.

Be careful!  :x
Be vigilant!  :P
And good luck!  :good:

Use the handy In App Purchase feature to unlock the game mode to all amazing levels.

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Hello to all,
my new app!

Title: AppleTreeDefender
Developer: Paolo Borzini
Price: $0.99
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 3.0 or later
AppStore link:
My WebSite:

Defend a city under siege. The ancient garden of Lyta, is under attack. The Dirons found a new weapon: airships equipped with bombs. The garden is protected by two towers from where two powerful crossbows shoot lethal arrows. The crossbowmen will aim to hit the point on the screen touched by your finger. Remember, the first time you hit an apple tree, it will lose all its fruits. The second time, it will burn down like firewood. Every time you break the record, you will be asked if you want to connect to the Internet so that your score can be placed on the online ranking. Anyway isn't all because every midnight there is a Apple Tree bonus, and every noon come the big boss...

I've 5 redeem code :
If you like my app please write review on appstore.

Bye bye,
Paolo Borzini |
The WhiteFly Software |
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Cavemen vs Dinosaurs
The dinosaurs are hungry and angry, defend your food.

Up to 40 levels
4 different locations
Power ups to super attacks
Regular dinosaurs
Big size dinosaurs
Giant dinosaurs

Be a legend.

New levels coming soon.

iPhone & iPod retina display

Cavernicolas vs Dinosaurios

¡Cuidado!, Dinoking está hambriento y quiere tu comida, defiendela.

40 niveles llenos de acción (y más en camino)
4 diferentes áreas
Personajes con power ups
Dinosaurios normales
Dinosaurios de talla grande
Dinosaurios Gigantes

Conviértete en una leyenda.

Más niveles próximamente.

iPhone/iPod retina display


Break The Code - by BdR Games
Price: 0.79€ / 0.99$
iTunes Link:

It's been quite a while since the first upload, but now I've finally updated this app. I had added multi-resolution support to this app to test it on Android (not uploaded yet). Now, I also updated the iPhone version to add iPad/retina support :)

Changes in v1.1
- iPad support added
- Retina support added
- When settings not changed, current game doesn't reset
- Set manually option is now a separate button
- Set manually screen now also has cancel button
- Minor graphical adjustments (top panel different shade of blue, added gradient to icon)


Title : Galaxy Mystery
Format : iOS 3.0+
Price : $0.99

AppStore Link :
More info:


Are you tired of playing space-shooter games that are impossible to finish? We're too! That's why we've created Galaxy Mystery!

Galaxy Mystery is an exciting arcade-style game with loads of robotic foes (more than 20 kinds), a short story that spans more of 40 levels, and loads of explosions (too many to count), and yet the game is so easy that you'll quickly become addicted! We made sure that you'll receive an enormous amount of capsule-rewards that will enable you to reach the end of each level with lots of money (which doubles as points), lots of upgrades for your spaceship, and your shield almost intact after an epic battle. Keep in mind that it is up to you to get those capsules, though!

• More than 40 game levels in a solo-campaign.
• More than 20 different enemy ships.
• 3 kinds of combat ships.
• Face the super-villains and earn lots of points.
• Capture the enhancement module of each level.

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