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Help little Gerbit to reach the stratosphere! This furry llama jump jump from cloud to cloud, with the only desire to see what's in the infinity and beyond.

Ayuda a la pequeña Gerbit a llegar a la estratosfera! Esta esponjosa llama salta salta de nube en nube, con el único deseo de ver qué hay en el infinito y más allá.


Name: Galaxy Storm: Galaxian Invaders

Genre: Arcade / Action / Shooter

Cost: Free version (option to buy full version)

Defend Earth from the aliens / invaders as they swoop and dive-bomb the defending player.
Collect bonus power-ups and use them to destroy the enemies easier.
Fast Arcade Shoot'em up (Shmup) inspired by classic retro games like Galaxian, Galaga and Space Invaders.
Power-up with Blaster rapid fire, Plasma cannon, Side guns etc, Shields and more...

- CRT Scanlines
- Drag or Button Control modes
- Retro feel
- Great sound effects
- Highscore save
- Increasing difficulty

Speccy-48k, Speccy-128k, Amigas, PCs