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QuoteInstall the extra platforms that you need from the platform files, it is not all with the main file anymore.
Check the first pages here, after that, web update it to 003
I've done all that but I still don't see iOS / iPhone / iPad as a compile option. Does anyone else? :blink:
I can't see the iOS platform in either the dropdown menu or the platforms download page :S

Is the iOS platform for v14 arriving later?
I used 3D in GLB when I wrote my first 3D game Galaxix -

I found it very easy to get to grips. The only downside I found was due to the lack of a particle engine doing any high quality 3D effects was very hard. I did manage to do my own basic 3D particle engine but GLB really needs the ability to put alpha'd images in z-order quickly and not via GLB code.

Also I came across a couple of bugs with screen2world and world2screen on the iPad. I *think* one was sorted and the other wasn't. I haven't checked the latest beta as I've had no time to spend recently on game coding at all :'(

I would love and also pay highly if GLB's 3D engine were a little more up-to-date. But for what it is, it's a decent little multi-platform 3D engine that's speedy and easy to learn.
GLBasic - en / Re: Q*Boyd
Great going  :good: 8) :good:
Quote from: kanonet on 2012-Oct-04
Shouldnt one X_SPRITE for each particle do the job? Of cause X_SPRITE is slow, so youre limited in how much particles you can draw, but it should work?
Btw you can replace X_SPRITE with something faster and more powerful.

X_SPRITE does not play well with z-ordering and so alpha'd X_SPRITES that are not drawn in perfect z-order have major issues. To see the problem in action have a camera moving in a circle around an object that's displaying 3D particles and you'll see the z-order alpha issues.
Quote from: Kitty Hello on 2012-Oct-03
For a partixle engine: draw particles on an offscreen and then draw that with x_sprite? (As a quick worksround)

Not a solution I'm afraid. Say you want to do thrusters from a spinning ship or long trails of smoke from a moving object from each of it's sides. You can not do this correctly drawing off screen and then using X_SPRITE.

We definitely do need to be able to draw alpha'd 2D objects in an x,y,z coor system without have z-order issues  :'(
With GLB V11 currently in beta is there any rough estimate on when it will be released?

I remember a while back that Gernot was toying with the idea of charging for an update. Is this still going to happen?. It's fine with me as I don't mind helping with future development providing the money paid has substantial new features attached and not just bug fixes. To see GLB grow I'm happy to give what ever it takes to see it progress forward.

I did ask a while back but it's worth asking again if a major 3D feature is / will be added to GLB. A 3D particle engine? - Currently it's virtually impossible to do a 3D particle engine in GLB as Z order is a nightmare. I managed to fudge a very basic 3D particle engine in my game Galaxix but so many effects were impossible due to the z order issue and manually sorting particles is a huge fps drag.

So Gernot, can we please have a method of creating 3D particle effects in GLB please please please? - I'll happily pay in private a lump sum to get this ability added to GLB.
I own both VMWare 5 and Parallels 8 and I can 100% confirm that for GLB development (and general gaming) Parallels is faster in the graphical department than VMWare.

Parallels 8 with Mountain Lion is  :good: :good: :good:

I use GLB in Mountain Lion 10.8.1 (just released update) and Parallels 7 (latest version) and it works flawlessly for me.
Gernots in a spot of bother so will not be making many (if any) public appearances here for a while
Eek, hope Gernots OK.

It's a little worrying when you say "spot of bother". It's like he's on the run from the law or something.

I'm not one to overreact but.. Everyone!, jump ship!, GLB is soon to be no more, the death knell has been called   >:D :'(  :nana:
I think about implementing a prescale function like glScalef() for all opengl output.

So long as we have the option to use 1024x768 & 2048x1556 resolutions on the iPad 3rd gen. I'd certainly like to make sure the latest versions of my games are optimised for the iPad 3rd gen while still supporting the earlier models. It won't be a solution to simply scale down for older devices as that would be a huge memory hog.

Ideally we'll need to know / have.

1.. Know which device the app is running on (I know there are plugins on this forum but for many a simple command would be of benefit)
2.. Force use 1024x768 even on the iPad 3rd gen as not all games need to be "retina" (even though it will be scaled up)
Beta Tests / Re: V11 beta
V11 beta? - Can you PM me a link to that please, Gernot? pretty please  =D - Would love to give that a whirl on my game.
Oo, sounds like a bug  :whistle: - Will squish that in the next update, thanks :)
Just downloaded the game for my new iPad (aka iPad 3)
I was pleased to see it ran without issue on the iPad 3rd gen, let me tell you, lol.

Sorry for the delay in releasing version 1.1 - It's been crazy crazy time. I do hope to have it complete within the next two weeks.

The campaign play is shaping up to be good fun to play for those who prefer a more traditional story line based game :)

I can happily confirm that GLB apps work 100% on my shiny new iPad 3 :nana:  (only tested my own, but no problems thus far)

Now, Gernot, can we have native retina res for the latest iPad pleeeeaaassseeeeee?