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Hola chicos:

Os paso el enlace a un informe muy amplio en español sobre el mercado del video juego. Hay números interesantes, pero sobre todo interesa las tendencias del marcado de las apps. Es un poco extenso, pero merece la pena echarle un vistazo.

Libro blanco del Desarrollo Español de Videojuegos 2016 (PDF 5,9 MB)
Hi! Actually this is a question for Spacefractal, the King of IOS and Android.  :good:

With my game compiled with the last version of Xcode I notice that I have an annoying delay just in the left side of the screen. I have searched about this issue and I have found one solution in this link:

My problem is I don't know where to put that piece of code and how can I call (or where is defined) the main window.

Thank you for your help
Yesterday I had an odd behavior from a very easy function. I wanted to print the word HELLO but instead it returns always 0 value.

Code (glbasic) Select







Output in every case: 0

Is my GLB corrupt?
Hi everyone and especially Spacefractal (our 64bits savior for IOS)  :good:

I have got several users complaining about my last game  (they said the game doesn't save sometimes the game status) :( I was a Little worried about that, but not too much because my App runs fine in my iPhone and iPad with ios 8.2 and 7.1.

I thought it was some system issues from those users. (All my friends can play fine with my game). But today I have learned that maybe it is a problem with IOS 5 or IOS 6. I am not at home and I can not test it these days. But I suspect that there is a crash when users quit the App (compiled with Spacefractal 64bits library). For some reason SUB GLB_ON_QUIT: function crashes the App and the game doesn't  save the game status. Is this possible?
GLBasic - es / Crucigramas E
Hola chicos:

Acabo de sacar un juego nuevo en la Apple Store. Es para iPhone e iPad. Es de crucigramas. Sé que si no eres aficionado a jugar a crucigramas es difícil apreciarlo, pero si tenéis un rato os agradecería que lo probarais para ver qué os parece. Es gratis y el primer libro de crucigramas también.

Este es el enlace a la Apple Store:

¡¡Hola chicos de habla española!!

Esta parte del foro está muy callada. Espero que aún sigáis algunos por aquí. Recuerdo que hace un año o dos había más movimiento en la parte española. ¿Ha desertado todo el mundo? ¿Quién queda por aquí?

Aprovecho para desearos un feliz 2015.


In my puzzle game I don't need to refresh the screen every frame, just when the user taps on the screen or changes something. So I disable the command SHOWSCREEN when the user is thinking and doesn't interact with the game. My goal is to save battery.

When I try this method on my PC the game runs fine, but on an iPad I sometimes get weird behavior. Is it possible that the SHOWSCREEN command does not only refresh the screen but also initialize variables and perform other actions? So, is it necessary to run it every frame?


Is it possible to change a PNG font on the fly? I pretend to create a fantasy language and change randomly some characters for western characters when the player achieve some goals in the game. So I need the possibility to change one character for another in the same PNG. I think I can create my own font PNG on the fly (off screen), and get it with GRABSPRITE or CREATESCREEN. But this procedure put the PNG into one ID sprite. How can I convert this sprite into a font?

Thank you!!

I have odd behaviors under MacOs X. The game runs properly but I cannot see any text. I load several PNGs with different sizes and colors but I just can see white squares instead characters.

The strange issue is that few months ago I haven't this problem. Any clues?

Thank you!!
I have FOUR textures 512x512 and I want to create a big one of 1024x1024 with these four. I think I have to use CREATESCREEN to put all together (because GRABSPRITE only captures the screen).
I have this code which works properly on Windows but doesn't on the iPhone:
Code (glbasic) Select


LOADSPRITE "iso_texture1.png",1
LOADSPRITE "iso_texture2.png",2
LOADSPRITE "iso_texture3.png",3
LOADSPRITE "iso_texture3.png",4

CREATESCREEN 0,5,1000,1500
DRAWSPRITE 4,512,512
PRINT ".",0,0 //If I don't put this print (odd behavior) I can't see the last DRAWSPRITE


  POLYVECTOR  0,   0,  0,  0
  POLYVECTOR   0, 300,  0, 1000
  POLYVECTOR 300, 300, 1000, 1000
  POLYVECTOR 300,  0, 1000,  0

PRINT PLATFORMINFO$("GLEX:glBindFramebufferEXT"),100,100
PRINT "Click to end",100,200

I think this is a bug because in the documentation there is no mention of iPhone problems.

Many thanks!!
At the beginning of my game I load 10 differents sounds with 0 to 9 IDs. The sound at the first level runs fine. At the second level I change just the ID #2 sound (only one sound) for other new but keeping intact the rest. The new sound has the same frequency and properties than the old one.

In my PC all sounds play fine but in my iPhone something happens (I think a bug). The new sound plays but not the rest. It seems like these sounds are not in the memory any more . If I want to play them again I have to load every sound at the beginning of every level, even if I need change only one.

As you know if you save a texture in PNG you get more size than JPG. Sometimes if your game has a lot of textures and graphics is better save all of them in JPG. Today I have converted all my graphics to JPG but I have a problem with the transparency. It appears that the command SETTRANSPARENCY only works with .bmp files. Is that correct or I am doing something wrong?

Of course I know JPG has not alpha channel, but the transparent background is set to RGB(255,0,128) in all my graphics.

Thank you for your responses!!

I have this code:

Code (glbasic) Select
LOCAL a$="Test... writte this characters: áéíóúñ"
//Create a text file anf writte a$ content.
OPENFILE(1, "test.txt", FALSE)
WRITESTR 1, a$+"\r\n"

My problem is with the special characters "áéíóúñ". When I open it with a text program I get chinese characters. I think is a encoding matter. How can I create the text file with UTF-8 encode?
Hola chicos:

Acabo de ver por casualidad este concurso. Es sólo para juegos realizados en España (lo siento por el resto de países  :'(  ). He visto que se celebra en Barcelona y creo que alguno sois de allí o alrededores, incluso llegado el caso os podríais acercar. Sólo dan una estatuilla como premio, pero puede ser interesante presentarse a ver qué pasa. Os dejo el enlace:

¿Alguno los conocía ya?
2D / FONT PNG resize
In all my 2D games I use pollyvector in order to resize all graphics. My tiled maps, buttons, menu windows, button windows, etc. are pollyvectors. With this methode is easy to adapt the game to every screen resolution. But there is only one thing I can not resize. The text graphics. Of course I can make a lot of PNG's with several sizes. But I wonder if is it possible to load a huge PNG text graphic and resize it after loaded. Someting like this:
Code (glbasic) Select
LOADFONT "font1.png",0
RESIZEFONT 0,sx%,sy%

Thank you!!
Hello everyone!

I'm trying to create a particle emitter using a PolyVector for all the particles, separating each one by a PolyNewStrip. I also want each particle to fade away independently.

My problem is that with this approach it seams I can only change the AlphaMode of the whole PolyVector, instead of the alphaMode of each separated PolyNewStrip (so that each particle can disappear at a random time). I've seen that there is an OpenGL instruction to tint each PolyVector with an RGBA color (which I'd use to tint each particle with an increasing alpha), but I can't seem to find an equivalent instruction in GLBasic.

I'm also open to (and will welcome) any new approach you can give me.

Thank you in advance!
Hola chicos! ¡Lo conseguí! Ha sido un largo camino, pero por fin ya tengo mi primer juego en la Apple Store. Ahora a ver qué pasa con las ventas. He tardado 6 meses en hacerlo, pero también he tenido que aprender glBasic. Espero que los siguientes salgan enseguida. Os dejo el enlace a la página donde se cuenta de qué va.

I am happy to announce my first finished game. It's an arcade named "zzCar". It was hard to know how to send the application to Apple Store, but at the end I succeeded.

Here you have more information about the game:

Drive your car through road mazes, defending yourself from kamikazes that are looking for you, and earn a lot of points gathering energy modules and pieces for a mysterious artifact.

Thank you glBasic team for your great software!!  :)
Hi!!. How do I get the current date and time? Is it possible to compare two dates? Eg. Mydate = NEW DATE("yyyy/MM/dd HH:mm:ss"); IF Mydate > GETCURRENTDATE() THEN. ...

In my game I'm using PLAYMUSIC "Music.mp3", TRUE to play my music in the background in a continuous loop. But in my PC the music stops, and suddenly (in an odd random time) it starts again. And when it starts the game loads again the full mp3 freezing the game one or two seconds.

The PLAYMUSIC() command is at the beggining of the main code, outside of the While/Wend code. If I put it inside always testing ISMUSICPLAYING() I resolve the stop in random time but the programme still freezes and I don't get either the continuous loop music (without any millisecond stop).

Any suggestions?