gp2x flickers on

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First try with LIMITFPS 55 resulted in 2 flickers within 30 seconds but after that I didn't get any more. Second try is running 3+ minutes now without flickering.
With LIMITFPS 65 I got one flicker after 1 minute.


the flash are random whatever fps.

there is a serious problem display.
we must resume glbasic to the base.
problem SHOWSCREEN  !?

Kitty Hello

MUHAHAHAHA!!!! I finally fixed it!
I was too busy making sure the blitter _really_ has finished, that I eventually missed the vsync signal. Fixed and closed forever with the next update.


thank you very much.  =D
I tested it

Ian Price

I came. I saw. I played.



the flash is less frequent.
on average once every three minutes.

Kitty Hello

Nah.. Please no.


patient    :S
you will eventually find