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GLBasic - en / Re: Android Vibration
« on: 2021-Apr-25 »

What do you need exactly?

Bug Reports / Android error when compile
« on: 2021-Feb-25 »
Here is a screenshot of the Android error...
I have DDGUI in this project - it worked before, but maybe that is a cause?

Ignore for now - I think it is DDGUI - i need to convert the javacall function...

Inline / 3rd party / Re: imGUI for GLBasic
« on: 2021-Feb-16 »
Looks super!

Bug Reports / Re: Project Compiling
« on: 2021-Feb-09 »

Cheers, I'll see if i can work it out!

Is there a way to grey out the windows close button or circumvent it?

Bug Reports / Project Compiling
« on: 2021-Feb-06 »
Made a copy of a project and renames folder
But when compiling older project.

Project 1

Project 1 (Copy)

When I compile from Project 1 it is compiling to distribute folder of Project 1 (Copy)

Any ideas why?

Off Topic / Re: Romantic Lockdown?
« on: 2021-Feb-04 »
Play some intro board games, and be willing to lose :)

- Scrabble
- Ticket to Ride is very good fun!

Thanks for getting back to me!
It wasnt that, I figured out the issue, I had a condition with an array object to push another object into the array based on set of GLB didnt like that - and I can see that it would not be good-practice anyway.


Project just hangs...

But when in Debug mode it runs fine....

Only messages I get are...
Start debug session.
DECLARE entry not found: GetPointerTouchInfo
DECLARE entry not found: EnableMouseInPointer

Off Topic / Re: Happy New Year Guys!
« on: 2021-Jan-09 »
Same here - A happy new year to all!

Off Topic / Re: Happy Christmas!
« on: 2020-Dec-22 »
Happy xmas and new year to all!  :D

Off Topic / Re: LEd - Tilemap Editor
« on: 2020-Dec-21 »
nice one!

Announcements / Simple Turtle
« on: 2020-Nov-20 »
Hey Guys

My Turtle Logo program (created with GLBASIC) has been downloaded over 60,000 times by people in mostly india / asia

also some youtube videos for ICT classes :)

GLBasic - en / Re: Android Saving Files
« on: 2020-Oct-17 »
Thanks Gernot
Ideally I would want the image saved to Gallery on the Android device...but if that's not possible then knowing where to find the image is key...

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