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GLBasic - en / Re: Android Build Issues
« on: 2021-Oct-06 »
Thanks SF,
In terms of the src file changes that affect the Android builds - are the android templates src files version controlled so that older files or rollbacks can be obtained if required?

Can advance notice be made on the updates so I dont suddenly build any broken versions :)

I do normally test the apps - but things like controller setups etc. wouldnt be tested each time.

GLBasic - en / Re: Android Build Issues
« on: 2021-Sep-21 »

For those interested the compile issues are now resolved - managed to fix by using compile sdk 30, with targetsdk at 30 minsdk at 23

Last issue was sound and that is resolved now... =D

However the templates for android that come with the newest version will need fixing to work for others - I have older libraries was able to restore them for the new project which fixed my issues

GLBasic - en / Re: Android Build Issues
« on: 2021-Sep-21 »
Fonts working now - only sound is not loading...
[update ; fyi - I needed to replace the newer jni source files and glbasic files with ones from when my android compile was working - as the gzwrite and other bugs were failing to build on a new project.]

GLBasic - en / Re: Android Build Issues
« on: 2021-Sep-20 »
I managed a build but android assets sprites, sounds and fonts not working ....

Off Topic / Sir Clive
« on: 2021-Sep-17 »
The British inventor that created the amazing ZX80, ZX81 and ZX Spectrums has passed away...

He also created
Pocket Calculator
Pocket TV
C5 Electric car
Earbud radio...

the list goes on...

RIP Sir Clive!

GLBasic - en / Re: Android Build Issues
« on: 2021-Sep-16 »
I can not help you. Since compiling with android studio i have never been able to build. By the way, if anyone of good will wanted to write a mini tutrial, he would be welcome.  :giveup:

I did a few posts and SF did some others ...
Heres mine

GLBasic - en / Re: Android Build Issues
« on: 2021-Sep-16 »
So previously I was able to build fine etc.
But some new update must have changes items in the jni/src and jni/zlib
and probably others...

Also, the app gradle file was missing a top reference...

def buildAsLibrary = project.hasProperty('BUILD_AS_LIBRARY');

SF,Gernot was there an update to the android build or c++ sources recently (few months or so)
its been a awhile since i built a new project.

GLBasic - en / Android Build Issues
« on: 2021-Sep-15 »

Just tried a new build for android for an older app that built before on the older setups...

Got this error among others for the gzwrite commands?

C:\Users\Lenovo\Documents\GL_PROJECTS\GLBasic\Space2D\distribute\android_studio\app\jni\zlib\gzwrite.c:89:20: warning: implicit declaration of function 'write' is invalid in C99 [-Wimplicit-function-declaration]

Any idea if an update caused this?

Super - I solved the issue
my recursive solution...

Code: (glbasic) [Select]
FUNCTION processrepeats:seq,loop

LOCAL myline = seq
LOCAL returnline = 0
FOR lp = 1 TO loop-1 // repeat x times
FOR hh = seq TO LEN(actions[])-1 //begin at next command in list

IF actions[hh].cmd$="REPEAT"


ELSEIF actions[hh].cmd$="END"



LOCAL cm AS action
cm.param = actions[hh].param = LEN(exp_actions[])+1
DIMPUSH exp_actions[], cm





Super stuff!!  :D

Those chickens are funny and look good flying - maybe add a similar joust baddie that appears over time...

If say I had...

Code: (glbasic) [Select]
pu rt 69 fd 80 pd
repeat 90
   repeat 3
       repeat 2
         fd 20
         rt 35
         fd 20
         lt 35
   rt 180
   repeat 3
      fd 20
      rt 35
      fd 20
      lt 35
lt 90
rt 180
lt 60

And I want to loop through in objects[] array and
run each repeat independently?

Currently i have 3 levels of nested repeat loops - but I want the function to be fully recursive - I just have a block trying to figure an easy was to do without having to create class instances etc.

Current repeat top level repeat looks something like...

Code: (glbasic) [Select]
FUNCTION runactions_repeat: repid,qty

FOR r = 1 TO qty-1
FOREACH aa IN actions[]

IF aa.cmd$="REPEAT" AND aa.repid = masterrep+1 //AND aa.repid > repid //AND nesting=TRUE

//fixing repeats - only running correct group
onlyrungroup = aa.groupno
// onlyrungroup = aa.groupid

//run select level of repeat
addlog("repeat "+aa.repid+1+" "+ aa.param)

onlyrungroup = aa.groupno // -1
addlog("End of repeat")
addlog("groupno = " + onlyrungroup)

addlog("groupid set to " + aa.groupid)

// new add GP August 2
   // IF aa.cmd$="END" THEN onlyrungroup = aa.groupno -1

IF onlyrungroup = aa.groupno

... process all commands in this repeat



Hi All,
It's been a while and Im looking to improve one of my apps.
I am hoping fix a bug that involves creating a nested loop relationship and I'm stuck on this problem...

Commands should run from top to bottom and loops within loops should complete before moving on other solo commands and additional loops further down.

Code: (glbasic) [Select]
Loop 1
  command 1
  Loop 2 (1st nest)
    command 2
    command 3
 [b] command 4[/b]
  Loop 3
     command 5
     command 6
 [b] command 6[/b]

My problem is that command 4 and command 6 are linked to the last group that was closed off - I can fix them recursively but I am thinking I might be making it more complex than it needs to be.
Has anyone come across or solved this type of issue?
i know similar json parsing rules might be a place to look too?

I currently track groupid which increments and groupno (which is supposed to catch groups at the same level (within a parent group))

Announcements / Re: New BETA
« on: 2021-Jul-05 »
Me too! I have been doing contracting for a last while...hope to get back into GLB soon.

That manic miner looks really nice btw :)

I think SpaceFractal or Gernot might have added an optional extra flag for something? at some stage.

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