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if the "icon.bmp" file is present in the "Media" folder add at the beginning:
Tutorials / Re: Chat.GPT
So is our fun over? let's hope that at least the imagination is lacking
 great very useful Paul
I'm not a big 3d expert but probably the object is behind the camera
SF , Greedy Mouse  on Microsoft Edge now it works great
 on Microsoft Edge cursor  keys (left right) don't work on all games

not tried heavily.
Code (glbasic) Select
Only "Jam Beagle" works for me on the latest version of Firefox, the others are blocked after downloading

Perhaps need only "refresh of Firefox" so i solved it
SF all OK I did a refresh of Fierefox and now the game works.
i tried again but the game crashes at LOAD SPOT RACE (0] or [2] and once at [4].
I tried on Chrome latest version on the same win10 PC and it works. On android perfect

Unknown category for SetEventRecordingEnabled: page_load
Key event not available on some keyboard layouts: key="i" modifiers="accel,alt,shift" id="key_browserToolbox" browser.xhtml
Missing resource in locale en-GB: devtools/client/toolbox.ftl
Unknown property '-moz-border-radius'.  Declaration dropped.
Don't work, stop to "LOADING SPOT RACE"
(Firefox 101)
Resolved  :good:
Thank you Hemlos
but if you compile in html5 and not in android as i think, the problem is not android but maybe just a video setting like setscreen or something like that, because the game starts but you only see the left side.
great job svenart :good: but why doesn't it work on android?