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Feedback / g.a.c.k questions
« on: 2012-Nov-13 »
Hi, i have some questions, why isnt there a iphone/ipad g.a.c.k app, only google play and hp? And can those make apps that run on iphone/ipad?   

GLBasic - en / Re: scribbleMP source and notes
« on: 2010-Jul-22 »
This looks like an awesome app, but, it's only a component for a full game, isnt it? Can I add it to a game I make for the appstore?

Those import function are for trucidare's lib.

How about landscape banner?

Ok, got it. But, did I get it right with my previous post? I'm a noob, i know.

Ok, I figured, glb_iad_init only makes the rectangle where the banners are supposed to be. And glb_iad_init, glb_iad_hide and glb_iad_show are for actually putting the banners. Did i get it right?
It compiles for me, but it gives warnings about possible unassigned variables, time_to_show, time_to_hide, and banner_state.

baicskillet, add the existing framework and lib in xcode!
trucidare, I tried out the lib and the result was I there was mousestate feedback and the banner frame slides nicely.
Although there is no advert text or image in the banner test frame (server issue), there now is no response when tapping the advert.

Code: (glbasic) [Select]
//iAd Banner Lib Test
//undelcared variables are psuedo

IMPORT "C" void GLB_iAd()
IMPORT "C" void GLB_iAd_Hide() // to hide the banner
IMPORT "C" void GLB_iAd_Show() // to show banner after hide

if time_to_show
elseif time_to_hide
PRINT banner_state,0,0

Yeah, I figured that out on xcode. I added that iad .a file to the lib folder in glbasic too.  Is that routine in your post for displaying and hiding the ads? It only has GLB_iAd_Hide, GLB_iAd_Show and GLB_iAd.  There's no GLB_iAd_Init.

it is a standalone lib. read Readme.txt for function names.
it is matchys idea with my patch for get input working

Could you walk me through adding it? The readme shows three functions, GLB_iad, GLB_iad_hide and GLB_iad_show.  I added them to my game.  Do i need to include that libiad.a file too? And how do i do that if it's needed?  Are these functions related to the GLB_iad_init one from matchy's solution? And they are void instead of int like GLB_iad_init.

i got kungphoos glbasic view and changed the singleton to my own objC class.

EDIT:// download in this post

Does this wrapper replace matchy's glb_iad solution?

Oh, and I dont know where to find those iad and CoreGraphics Frameworks.

I just added these two lines from your posting:


Then i compiled to iphone, and the output was a folder with an icon.png, iphone-info.plist, iphoneprefix,
and a media, class, xcodepr, and lib folders. I hope that's the right output.

Sounds good trucidare.  :) I can't get mousestate.  :'( How did you fix it?

Code: (glbasic) [Select]
// --------------------------------- //
// Project: iAdTest
// Start: Friday, June 25, 2010
// IDE Version: 8.002

REQUIRE "import.c"
IMPORT "C" int GLB_iAd_Init()


LOCAL mx,mx,b1,b2

MOUSESTATE mx,my,b1,b2
DRAWRECT 0,50,320,100,RGB(0,255,0)
PRINT "GLB: Hello iAd world!",10,60+SIN(GETTIMERALL()*0.1)*10
DRAWRECT mx-10,mx-10,20,20,RGB(255,0,0)

This code here is slightly different from the one available for download.  I think it has an additional mousestate command.  Which one is the final one?

what's the command to set the currentdir to Media? Do i save the project in that folder?

GLBasic - en / Re: iOS 4.0 and GLBasic
« on: 2010-Jul-20 »

GLBasic - en / error when compiling for iphone
« on: 2010-Jul-20 »
I was just tried to compile a program I made for the iphone. I sent the /xcode folder it generated with all the contents to a friend that has a mac with the sdk installed.  He told me it compiled, but there was nothing on the screen, only a small rectangle.  I'm thinking probably I placed the .bmp files elsewhere and not in the correct folder. I put them in the "media" folder. Or, hmm, does the iphone require .png files?

GLBasic - en / Re: iOS 4.0 and GLBasic
« on: 2010-Jul-20 »
which ones? You can access them all with INLINE code

Ah, ok, INLINE then. That's like a forum quote or code tag, isnt it?  I was referring to the new advertising feature from 4. Iwould like to add it to a game I'm making.

How do you build for the ipad?? I cant find the ipad selection, only iphone.

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