Can't update app from Google Play

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I happily discovered that there is an update for the wonderful G.A.C.K. Although I already bought and installed the product I couldn't update it. It says something like "the package file wasn't signed correctly". I tried to uninstall the old version and to install the new instead. But I couldn't - I got the same error message. So now I don't have my GACK at all :'-( .
I have android 2.3 phone.

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Have you tried an uninstalled app like...

There are quite a few on the store to try.


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Hi Softy

Thanks pal. Uninstalling the app is not a problem. But installing it is.
Obviously something was changed for the better.
When I try to install it back I get an error message from Goggle Play saying "the package file wasn't signed correctly". I have gingerbread phone on with I could install the preceding version without any problem.
Any help appreciated. Thanks

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