Blender Tutorial: PixelArt

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Hi guys I find this tuto, very cool for make nice Pixel art from 3D models in blender (it's different I put sometime ago)

I try but without succes for now... but not too much complex.. (I need touch more blender) :-[


Good stuff  :good:
All blender totorials are 100% relevant to GLBasic, and a great compliment to each other.
If you find additional blender tutorials, just title "Blender tutorial: such-and-such" and start them in this tutorial section.

Many Thanks, Neil.
Bing ChatGpt is pretty smart :O


Thanks Hemlos, but I think open a thread about Blender plugins can be infinite, only take a little search in youtube and it's amazing.

Can be nice explain a bit how do plugins or do plugins for connect with blender, I think can't be too much complex, is python and the API it's very good explained... (Is a task I want do, but first it's C++ (About C++ I have awesome web, but the "problem" it's only in Spaninsh).