GLBasic V12 (was formerly V11 beta)

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Really great!

It will be a couple weeks before I´m stable enough to check this out...but I will 8)
Thanks Gernot!


At the moment, XP still has the infinite clang loop - I'm going to see if it has a problem with spaces now...


Good news!  It isn't a loop - it just takes a very long time to complete...

3D works sort of - however, GLBasic uses various gl functions which aren't in HTML5-WebGL (glColorMaterial) being the main one.

I found very quickly that I was reaching a memory limit imposed by Emscripten - this was "easily" dealt with by adding -s TOTAL_MEMORY to the HTML 5 parameters list.  What took so long was the fact that I didn't realise it required a value in bytes and not megabytes...  I currently use -s TOTAL_MEMORY=33554432 which got my 3D program displaying (if not actually running).

There does look like some quite striking visual (and speed differences) between WebGL and the "standard" - I'll cover that later once I've updated my test program to the proper ALPHAMODE values.



  :nw: Dankeschön !!!! for the new Beta V11.559 and for your hard work. I downloaded and compiled one of  my games, Brick Buster ,  on Windows XP , it works fine but I have to test it further , so far so good.

today I will generate iOS and WebOS and let you know the results.
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Thanks a lot Gernnot really apreciate the effort...


Here in firefox, the game lockup while loading. Firefox say this script take very long time and then stops it. Its seen glbasic missing some sort to refresh the screen after loading something.

So its seen things like that property requirede to been doing in a thread to prevent that?
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Kitty Hello

for HTML5 you must use the SUB GLB_ON_LOOP. or SETLOOPSUB. You can't do infinite loops with HTML5.


im allready doing that of course, but the loop fails reach back, due images & sound is often allways load from one function to keep it simple, and that take time..... But you can only one item at time now, which can complicered things, which can been out of the basic stuff?

So you should tell around that in the help file.

Howover loading stuff should been threaded eventuelly.
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im got workaround this issue in the loading rutine.

im do got one issue im are not sure what it means:
Cannot enlarge memory arrays in asm.js. Either (1) compile with -s TOTAL_MEMORY=X with X higher than the current value, or (2) set Module.TOTAL_MEMORY before the program runs.
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Beta 11.559 is testing well here!! :P


See my previous post about that TOTAL_MEMORY problem - hopefully Gernot will add in an option to let you change it in project settings.


Hi there !

Just play with html 5 and I have little problems. The compiling process is ok but very long (about 4-5 mns). After uploaded it on DropBox for example, I can see the canvas with somes options but nothing happens, or, it's very long to launch. Is it normal ?

Sorry for my approximative english :)

Thank you.

Kitty Hello

For html5 firefox and chrome work. Safari works too. IE10 and below do not. Also, use GLB_ON_LOOP instead of while true .... wend

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Oki I have to see because I just tested with an example of GLBasic, I didn't see an html 5 specific example.

I tried in Firefox. May be I should write an simple example myself to see. Thank you I will try


IE 11 (in Windows 8.1) should work for non-WebGL stuff...  Haven't tried it yet though...