GLBasic V12 (was formerly V11 beta)

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HTML 5 compiling seems to stop at
"INFO     root: (Emscripten: Running sanity checks)"

It works once I deleted the conf_sanity file in Compiler\platform\JavaScript\bin


libpng_gf.a and libGLBasic.a seen to been updated. Im later update it to include changes to those two files. Then the SDK upgrade should been possible with that version too.
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Chrome states that there is an Uncaught Range Exception: Source is too large (Firefox states it is an invalid or out of range index).

So far, neither Chrome nor Firefox will run anything - by the looks of it, it may be a problem with emscripten...

The code I am testing with is :

Code (glbasic) Select

SUB moo:


Dear Gernott,  when it will be a stable release of GLBASIC??? I whant purchase your software as soon as i have downloaded the v11 beta....
ald also when you update your site?? the link of the download it's old...

i thank you a lot very much....



Would need to update the HTML 5 stuff first...


If the build is stable and all features are implemented, then, and ONLY then, is the right time to release V11!
Give him time to make a good release!

btw.: Thx Gernot for the hard work!!!
I <3 DGArray's :D

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Quote from: Kitty Hello on 2013-Oct-05
OK, another beta is online. I think this is quite stable now.

Thanks for all the work fixing things and adding new useful commands.


and.... WHY these changes about ALPHA functions?

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Kitty Hello

Alphablending on mobile gl is a lot faster than alphatesting. Doing the Auto way if alphamode 0, then do alphamode -1 did not work, because when you draw a hole, you need testing and not blending.
I'll post some example how to make shiny holes in a texture. You will see and love the new feature. ;)

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Kitty Hello

OK, get the SDK from last night 11.559 and try that. It should make HTML5 code now. (Canvas AND WebGL).
Be sure to get the Java JDK 1.7 for the Beta 11.
If the HTML5 finally works, I declare this the final beta. Sort of RC, you know.


Will test it now...


but fix eventuelly the iCade (not tested the newest beta on iOS yet, so have not a change to test if it finally got fixed) and the Android issues as well before final beta 11, hehe. the sdk 4.0 upgrade do have one little issue im need to work on. its pretty simple to fix, because im forgot to add the line back to install the software directly on device.

Alternative that SDK upgrade could been done by a seperate installer outside glbasic for those which want to uses that.

About the icons im could property do a bath job to add and resize them to the correct places. Something im look on this week for more automated things.
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Is HTML5 still Windows XP only still ? Clang just keeps spawning copies of itself, so I suspect it's XP only at the moment...

In which case, does HTML 5 compiling work in XP on VirtualBox or does it require a proper machine ?

Jonás Perusquía

Amazing! thanks for the new beta release, keep up the good work and i hope you are well :)
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