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I work a little bit on this project each day, and it's getting closer to the point where I can focus on "making the rpg" instead of "programming engines!"

What's new:
* ATB battle system with the ability to attack and kill enemies, includes victory screen / exp gain, etc
* Fully animated battlers and map characters
* FMOD audio - plays chiptunes instead of MP3s!
* Teleportation: ability to go between maps smoothly (This was actually difficult to program due to how I render the map character.)

How to play - By default, the controls are:
* Arrow keys to move
* X for accept
* Z for cancel
* Enter for start/menu

If you go to EQUIP from the menu you can swap around equipment, there's a lot to choose from! Using left/right switches what character you're equipping. Watch your HP though. Some armors decrease HP, and can leave you with less than enough to battle!!

If you delete controls.ini and restart the game you can redefine controls in the game.
Debug keys:

* S to teleport to a random safe tile (walkable)
* R to teleport to a random tile - anywhere!
* ~ (Tilde key) to auto-win battles with a funny BAN animation.
* TAB key to enable debug menu to view variables
* Backspace on map to switch leading character sprite
* PrntScrn saves a 256x224 (internal SNES resolution) screenshot to the media folder.


Please keep in mind this is just an unfinished build intended to display progress. It's not really "fun" nor does it have a goal. You can simply walk about, change equipment in the menu, use items, etc. If you find any bugs, please let me know! I whipped up the maps very quickly, so there are likely some tiles that should be solid that aren't, that's no "bug."

Note about ATB Battle System:
Some people haven't played old-school RPGs, and may not undestand what an action gauge is. The yellow bar for each character in battle fills at a rate affected by the AGI (Agility) stat. Once it reaches the full capacity, it is that character's turn. During a character or monster's turn, the gauge pauses until their action is complete. At the moment, enemies do not fight back, for testing purposes. Let me know what you think!
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