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Photoshop Exporter...
« on: 2013-Feb-18 »
Hi today I'm thinking about export the position of each layer from photoshop, for use Photoshop like an 2D editor, at least for put some enemies or put some collision graphics..

I found a JavaScript Code , this export all in Html files, but I modified a bit the code and now I only export the X and Y of each graphics in a .txt file... I do this tecnich whit some personal projects and it's very easy and quick read the posistions and then in the game appers on you put in your Editor, in this case, the good thing it's from Photoshop...

The Main code from I take the info it's this.. Perhaps some one want modify and make the parpiate changes...

I leave you the mine attached... it's a java Script, but I think I don't have viruses in my PC (better pass an antivirus...)

PS: The mode of use it's very easy, go to your Photo- (I only test in 6, but I think have to work in more versions, only it's a java script...)

Search in the menu  > Files >Scripts
now in the Sub menu Scripts>Browse...

Load the Script and automtically the file will be saved like a .txt files... I only test a few times, but I think the path on save the .TXT it's on you have your psd Images on you are worked...

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