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Code Snippets / Re: Load data from memory
« on: 2021-Oct-15 »
Interesting, thanks Gernot  :good:

GLBasic - en / Re: Access to Buffer Data ?
« on: 2021-Sep-28 »
I think we'd better go with "SOLOUD". That's a x-platform sound engine that does not suck (they say).


Multiple voices, playing different or even the same sound multiple times on top of each other.
Adjustable play speed, volume and pan.
Faders for all of the attributes (fade out for 2 seconds, then stop, for instance).
Filter interface and ready filters for low/high pass, echo, etc for real-time modification of audio.
Mixing busses for grouping of audio into different uses and adjusting their attributes in one go.
Gapless looping.
Queued sounds.
Playing several ogg streams at once.
Atomic operations for several sounds.
"Clocked" playing for rapid sound effects.
Sound effects synthesizer.
Speech synthesizer.
Support for various common formats like 8, 16, 32 bit wavs, floating point wavs, ogg, mp3.
Up to 8 surround speaker support, easily extendable.
3d positional audio.
Foreign interface support for python, ruby (and RPG maker), blitzmax, c# and more.
Exotic formats like MONOTONE, SID and TED songs.
Works with Emscripten.
Virtual voices.
Easy cleanup

i'll have a look tonight Schranz0r. Looks good.  :good:

Off Topic / Re: Sir Clive
« on: 2021-Sep-17 »
Oh dear.  :( R.I.P. Sir Clive, the very definition of an eccentric British genius, sad news indeed.

GLBasic - en / Re: Access to Buffer Data ?
« on: 2021-Sep-06 »
This would be cool addition, allowing for sample manipulation or generating samples algorithmically(using LFO's, filters etc.).  :happy:

Yeah I know what you mean SnooPI. Personally every time I looked up a YouTube tutorial I was confused to hell, nothing seemed to help me get used to the interface. Then I realised that the interface is rearrangable per Blender file and is saved with the project and this made each YouTube have a different interface!?! You can set a default interface in the options, so that any files that you load in Blender no longer rearrange the GUI each time you load them. This one stupid thing stopped me learning Blender, as it makes nearly all YouTube videos example files feel like Blender is a different program each time you run it. Its great for flexibility but very bad for beginners with tutorial files. This was my biggest stumbling block to getting started.  ;/

Off Topic / Blender 3D and a lot of talent...
« on: 2021-Sep-03 »
Only a few key people and a lot of talent. Its amazing what can be done in Blender 3D now...

GLBasic - de / Re: Fehlermeldung bei DIM
« on: 2021-Aug-30 »
Can you post some code that produces the error Worebu?

Off Topic / Re: DAW for game music
« on: 2021-Aug-15 »
LOVED Traktion Waveform but I tried a few VSTs and quite a lot didn't work(failed to initialise).  :'(

Announcements / Re: Manic Miner GLB
« on: 2021-Aug-07 »
Quality retro remake, real attention to detail and it feels like the real deal... well done!  :good:

Off Topic / Re: DAW for game music
« on: 2021-Aug-06 »
Thanks Schranz0r, I'd forgotten about Reason. I'm still working my way through the various demos. So far Mixcraft is nice, simple to pickup. Waveform is great but it's very buggy with 3rd party VSTs. Reaper is also great but the interface is a bit clunky. I will try FL and Reason next. I am slowly coming to the conclusion that there may not be such a thing as the perfect DAW, the one with the least amount of usability compromises may be the "best" at the end of the day. Still it's a bit of fun window shopping all the same.

Off Topic / Re: DAW for game music
« on: 2021-Aug-04 »
Some excellent suggestions but I may go a more comercial route.

Looking at Tacktion Waveform, Mixcraft or Reaper. Thinking of maybe using one for non-game music too but its too early to invest in the big boys(Cubase, Ableton etc.)  :S

Off Topic / Re: DAW for game music
« on: 2021-Aug-03 »
Is this the one you use Schranz0r?

Joust was one of my favourite arcade games!

Its a classic with some remarkable sophisticated physics for its day.

Good choice Erico!  :good:

Off Topic / DAW for game music
« on: 2021-Aug-03 »
Anyone here using a DAW for there music?

If so could you recommend one and give your reasons why?

I'm looking into it but my head is spinning with the different ones available.  :S

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