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GLBasic - en / Using 3d on the gp2x
« on: 2008-Sep-08 »
I know 3d doesn't work too well on the gp2x, but it does work occasionally. Are there any guidelines to what works?

Some of the demos work, and Jumpfrog works. Why is that?

GLBasic - en / Gp2X question
« on: 2008-Aug-16 »
I'm making a game for the gp2x, but it's 240x320, so it's played sideways.

The compiler doesn't rotate the game sideways, does it? If so, will I have to rotate my sprites etc sideways?
Also will this mean compatibility problems when put on other systems?

I also thought of rendering each frame and rotating it 90 degrees, but that would probably tax a gp2x.

GLBasic - en / Scaling and Rotation on GP2X
« on: 2008-Jan-15 »
Does the GP2X do ok when you do rotations and zooms on a sprite? I want to make a game that uses those commands. If it doesn't work then I'll use different sized and rotated sprites.

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