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GLBasic - en / Re: GLBasic and the NOOK
« on: 2011-Jun-08 »
Has this been tested? I also use Corona SDK and in their case Android builds do not work on Nook as the Nook Android is modified (what Android isn't anymore). I do not have a Nook yet to test it. Have not even received my developer approval from them yet.

GLBasic - en / Hairy Legs on Palm Market
« on: 2011-Apr-29 »
Application Title :   Hairy Legs
Company Name :   Hey There Software
Primary Category :   Games
Secondary Tags :   Arcade, Action / Adventure
Price: $1.50 USD

Check out the website at for screenshots and other projects.

Description :
Hairy Legs is a fun and addicting game with a blast of humor. In Hairy Legs you tilt your device left and right to guide a razor down a never ending leg. Avoid multiple obstacles such as zits, scabs, cuts and others. There are powerups along the way to help you shave including the Golden Razor. Chase away any flies for bonus points. * Addictive game play * 2 methods of play, tilt and touch. * Compete globally with other hand held devices with global scoring. * Humorous music and graphics. * Virtual Keyboard. Enter your name without having to slide out the keyboard. Check out our web site at

GLBasic - en / Re: Mouseaxis on WebOS
« on: 2011-Apr-20 »
Here is the code I was talking about. I have the Mouseaxis commands commented out because I worked around it for now. The 2 IF my> statements were added as work arounds. Instead of moving your finger to scroll it just scrolls up or down based on where you touch the screen. The Mouseaxis is supposed to adjust the variable y which is then used as the vertical value to display the 50 names and scores. I got it off at about 4 names and scores, the rest is all repetitive. This worked fine in iOS. On webOS it does nothing when you touch and drag.

Code: (glbasic) [Select]
IF scoremode=1

IF b1=1

IF my>=90 AND my<240

IF my<450 AND my>=240


IF y>100 THEN y=100

IF y<-570 THEN y=-570

PRINT "1."+player1$,30,y
PRINT score1,220,y
PRINT "2."+player2$,30,y+20
PRINT score2,220,y+20
PRINT "3."+player3$,30,y+40
PRINT score3,220,y+40
PRINT "4."+player4$,30,y+60
PRINT score4,220,y+60

Hope this helps.

Thanks Ampos....I'll check it out.

GLBasic - en / Re: Mouseaxis on WebOS
« on: 2011-Apr-19 »
Sure...I'll post it this evening. If you happen to have Hairy Legs it is the global score section. You just glide your finger to scroll through the 50 global scores. In WebOS it does nothing at all. I will submit the code this evening when I get home from work.

Thanks So Much

Ampos wrote...I have noted that many of you are using boxcol (or sprcoll!) for button collisions, but my code ZONES is a way much easier solution. Don't know why nobody seems to use it...

I am not using it because I have no idea what you are talking about :) Fill me in. I have been away from GLBasic for awhile. I've been using Ansca Corona and converting projects to that so I can publish to Android. Converting, but still using both. GLBasic is one of the best tools out there, but Android is a market I want to hit, so for now I have to use both.

I got Hairy Legs all converted now. For the buttons I guess used a form of Boxcoll I just did a mouse position check. Did not actually use the Boxcoll command. I has to write down the dimensions of my buttons and it was a minor pain doing it this way, but it all works very smooth now.

The Mouseaxis code did not seem to be working so I did away with it and just added a scroll up and down button. On iOS you scroll the scores like you would expect on an iOS device, but on Palm it did nothing.

GLBasic - en / Mouseaxis on WebOS
« on: 2011-Apr-19 »
Can anyone confirm that Mouseaxis commands work for them in WebOS? My Mouseaxis routines do not seem to be doing anything in WebOS.

Thanks in advance.

I got it figured it out.  I tried .ogg and some other formats with no luck. Then I started over with MP3 and resampled them in Audacity. I had the frequency fairly low to keep file size down. When I made all the files 44100 they worked. Some of my .wavs played very fast and that was fixed also once I resampled them and exported them. I got about all my WebOS issues resolver now. My music not playing was frequency, my buttons not working I changed to mouse position and not collision. Only other things I need to figure out is why my global screen does not work. It tracks the top 50 high scores on the Internet. When you get to the page you can touch and scroll through the names. That part is not working at all on WebOS. When you touch the screen to scroll it does nothing

Thanks for the advice.

I look some time to look at my various GLBasic projects and I believe MillerZone is correct. In learning GLBasic I tried doing buttons different ways so I have various methods throughout my projects. I looked at what works on the Palm Pre 1.4.5. One method I used was make a sprite that is small and set the alpha so it was invisible and then use sprite collisioning to determine when it hit the graphic that is the button. That method is broke. Works perfect on iOS, but Palm it is hit or miss.

The other method I used it to just determine the mouse coordinates and use IF to see if it is touching a button. This method works. I've tested it pretty thoroughly. I use this method for the keyboard I made for Hairy Legs and that it the only touch element that works good in Hairy Legs. All my other buttons in Hairy Legs use sprite collisioning and they do not work. My other projects use this method and they all seem to work.

Hope this helps.

Millerzone....I assume you pulled Hit the Deck Baseball off the market for Palm? I was looking for it. I have a Palm Pre Plus with 1.4.5 and  not modified at all. I now have three of my GLBasic games on my Palm and 2 of them seem to work flawlessly. One of them has this button issue. The odd thing is that the one with the button issues has the least amount of buttons. In one of my games you touch the screen to cause a little explosion. That works perfectly and I thought that was a good test for touch positioning. There has to be some simple hitch to this.

Right now I am in the process of converting Hairy Legs to Android. That should be done this week and then I plan on devoting more time to some of my GLBasic stuff. I want to play around and see what is going on with the buttons in Hairy Legs on the Palm that is not happening with my other games on the Palm. The fact that 2 of the games seem to not have problem tells me I just need to find the specific thing that is causing the problem and work around it.

Thanks for all the helpful replies

Yea, according to their rules you do not get past the automated scanner unless it does. Not sure what it would do if you set it to 1.4.5 and then change it once it is live, but that seems like a shady thing to do. I've tested on a few Palm Pre Plus with 1.4.5 because that is as high as they go and are going to go (at least in the U.S.A. in the area I am at) and they all do the same things. I am sure it will get figured out. There are probably more Palm Pre and Plus out there then Palm 2 right now anyway so supporting that would be a good thing.

I have a Palm Pre Plus as a tester with 1.4.5. For my games the buttons do not seem to work. You have to touch all around them and you eventually seem to hit a spot that works. I have also noticed I get different results each time I run it, meaning sometimes a buttons works fine one time and not the next. Has anyone found a solution to this? Seems some others are having issues. I know 5 people that have Palm Pre Plus, but not Palm 2s to test.


GLBasic - en / Question for WebOS apps
« on: 2011-Apr-15 »
For those of you that submitted apps for Webos to their App Store, did you have to support the pixi resolution? I thought I read that they wanted the app to support both. I would rather not have to worry about supporting the 2 resolutions.

I did not get a chance the other evening to mess with the WebOS and MP3s not playing so I plan on doing that tonight. Only some seem to be playing for me. They all work on iOS, but not Palm.

Thanks in advance

Thanks for the responses. I am at work now. I'll try .ogg files tonight. I have 3 games that all use mp3 for music and wav for sound effects. One of the games has 1 mp3 that does play. I suspect this has something to do with the bitrate.


I compiled all of my games for WebOS and everything seems to work except the music. Sound effects are fine but music does not work on any of them. Just silent. I used MP3s. Is there somethign I am missing for WebOS? I did some searching on the forums and could not find anything on this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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