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Title: Android beta
Post by: MrPlow on 2019-Apr-24
Little game idea I am working on ....

Apologies in advance as I forgot to enable the quit menu etc.  :D


Suggestions for gameplay additions welcome :)
Title: Re: Android beta
Post by: dreamerman on 2019-Apr-27
I have same thoughts that I had in previous topic ( :P Generally slice screen into big X for detecting taps - much easier to shoot, and shoot cooldown takes to long, or You can add option to buy ship upgrades so player can shoot faster. Different colour enemies or some power-ups may be used in 'hard' mode or something like this. Otherwise it's ok, ah mute doesn't work? Android 7.1 device fluent gameplay, didn't notice other issues.

GLB code to check if point is in polygon:
Title: Re: Android beta
Post by: MrPlow on 2019-Apr-27
Thanks so much - completely forgot I submitted it before quite a long while ago!