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Ian Price

Is that all?  LOL!

Gernot is definitely underselling.
I came. I saw. I played.


Gasp! 600$!

That was also one of the reasons I came to use GLB, after researching basic languages, I found this to be the one the offers more and charges less. I also believe It is undersold, hope my first game can cough up some coins I can send over to help that up. :)


Corona SDK = $349 per year and that only compiles to ios and Android
GameSalad = $299 per year, compiles to IOS Android and HTML 5
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Don´t even add the absurd price of unity and its policies please... :P


TBH, neither GM Studio or Unity are in the same field as GLB. For bad or for worse.


Unity 1500
iphone 500
andoird another 500+

shiva it´s another thing... but to hardest make a 3D game complete whit quality...

GLbasic , the only One...

PS: GameMaker it´s a bit sh... only can do 2D, and only it´s for make games, this it´s for all, how comment someone , -"because don´t call GlBasic  G++ ?¿"


Unite also charges a percentage of your game should you sell over a quantity of value IRC. :S


This is why GLBasic is used for education too.
Gernot is targetting a much wider demographic.
Bing ChatGpt is pretty smart :O


I think the price of GLBasic is just right. You forget: GLB is "just" a language - Unity (and the others) contains a lot of other stuff (3D editor, ...). Especially Unity has some cool features you can't compare with GLBasic. And what you shouldn't forget: GLB has a lot of rough edges (Android, not supporting GRABSPRITE/USESCREEN properly) and there are also some language side problems (C++ errors).

All in all: Monkey (I think one of the biggest competitors of GLB) supports more (important) targets, has a more powerful language and costs around the same (of course some other disadvantages...) - I think GLB should not stay and improve so Monkey is not winning :D.
That's no Bug, that's my project!


Quote from: coolo on 2012-Jul-31
All in all: Monkey (I think one of the biggest competitors of GLB) supports more (important) targets, has a more powerful language and costs around the same (of course some other disadvantages...) - I think GLB should not stay and improve so Monkey is not winning :D.
I really loathe Monkey myself.  Two massive strikes against it for me are that a) it only has a simplistic 2D library with it and no 3D, and b) it's a source to source compiler which means you have to organise your own compiler for each platform (unless I've missed something somewhere).  I like GLB because it comes with (most of) what you need to compile for various platforms -- the obvious exception being iOS based devices thanks to Apple's obnoxious more-Microsoft-than-Microsoft approach to its business model.

The third strike against it is the fact that it's by Mark Sibly. :)

Disclaimer: Of course these are just my opinions and most others might not agree with them, and as I have a few bones to pick with Mark Sibly I'm probably not the most balanced person around when it comes to discussions about Blitz Research products.

Edit:  BTW the most interesting thing I find about Game Maker Studio and Yoyo's new approach to its pricing is the fact that they've decided (heck they even stated somewhere, and I'd find you the link if I could be bothered) that they are more interested in having its products used by "Professionals" than Game Makers usual users -- an attitude they have obviously reflected with their new pricing scheme.  The problem I see with that is the development package market is already flooded with tools that are more established in the "professional" arena, and most of those come with 3D available from the start (even though you may have to pay extra for it).  Sure Yoyo has stated they will look at adding that later, but I suspect most "professionals" would want that choice now.  Also by targeting this new market almost exclusively thanks to their new pricing structure they have managed to snub the people who have supported Game Maker all these years, therefore wont be able to rely on that market helping support them while they look to gain inroads into the "professional" market.

That's how it seems to me at least.
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That's not true. For Android you have also set things up to get it running properly - GLBasic is also a source to source compiler ;).

EDIT: But the missing 3D engine of monkey is of course a problem.

That's no Bug, that's my project!


You guys are silly.
Monkey, AND GLBasic are buried under so many other languages that i cannot even find them with moderate patience of reading all the links, on Google when searching for a basic compiler.
How can you say Monkey is winning compared to GLBasic when neither is really on the main stream charts.
Until today i never even heard of monkey.
Bing ChatGpt is pretty smart :O


What would be good is to break into the Linux market - unfortunately a completely Linux orientated IDE and utility set would be needed.


Quote from: Ocean on 2012-Jul-30
nice entry form though...     :nana:

I agree and disagree at the same time  :S

For similarity, lets take construct or construct 2 game engines or maybe unite and game maker.
They sure are fine on the entry level as they have a bunch of pre made things that work on the drag point and click level, thus enabling someone to do something maybe quicker. But then, quick only if what you wanna do is what those pre-build things allows you to, should you want to extend it, you will have to delve into some script language probably.

Heck, If I´m going to have to delve into some script, I might as well code the whole thing. It may take a bit longer to do what those packages offer done by default but then after I code it, I can resuse it same fashion and improve it too.

So for me, using a visual game maker is going to push you into coding sooner or later, so you may as well start on the pure code already.

I know, for example, that such never stopped people doing brilliant games with it+code, like the original spelunky or knyt stories.
Of course the guys behind those advanced to other languages now a days.

Still, I believe the best way to do a game is by code alone.

99% of unite or game making games you can tell from distance, some people are already pushing the `flash game´ stigma to those engines. :P