Can GLBasic draw text with Eastern languages such as Chinese?

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Hi, all. I am new to GLBasic.
I see that GLBasic use bitmap fonts to draw text and the font tool seems only can generate ASCII 256 characters.
So are there any ways to use eastern languages fonts to draw text?
Other apps like Darkbasic Pro can draw eastern languages text by choosing suitable charsets.
Can GLBasic do that?



It's all up to you as a programmer to create a system to draw other character sets. I have seen someone creating one for russian character sets last year.

See this post:


Doesn't GLBasic use unicode internally and then converts it to ASCII for printing ?


Unicode = ascii as long as you only use the "normal" characters in the english alphabed. The higher characters are encoded as two bytes or more depending on what character you use, the rest is still in ascii. That makes string handling a bit problematic if you expect one character = one byte :-)


Sounds like a mixture of 1 and 2 bytes are used for character - might just be worth fixing on 2 bytes...


Finaly found what I was realy looking for:

Had to search manually, couldn't think of any search-terms that helped :-)