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Good Morning everyone,

I restarted my GLBasic IDE Project with .Net (2.0) to give you the chance to develop GLBasic applications on
each OS which is supported by Mono / .Net.
I hope there are interested people. :)

Test list:

Current test version Download (no compiling yet):
(Requirements on Windows: .Net 2.0 / Linux: Mono)

I will update this post, when there are new informations for you.

This is the actual ToDo List (word = done):

* Create a new GLBasic Project
* Load an existing GLBasic Project
* Load last edited file tab
* Save the current Project
* "Save As..." the current Project (complete project folder)
* Add new *.gbas file to project
* Add existing *.gbas file to project
* Remove *.gbas from project (not file system)
* Insert Function at cursor position
* Insert Sub at cursor position
* Copy, Paste, Cut - Text
* customizable syntax highlighting (works but faulty)
* comment / multiline comment highlighting (works but faulty)
* list Functions on the right
* compile project
Here you can see the latest version of the IDE (now Ubuntu)


Looks good. so far!  :booze:

Won't you need at least a command line version of the GLB compiler for this to work/be ported though?

Kitty Hello:
V10 ships the "GPC" for win, lin, mac.

You were too fast Gernot. :D

So, we already have cross-platform compiler and missing are IDE (being worked on) and tools (3d converter, fonteditor...)?

Niiiice.  :good:


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