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I thought it'd be nice to offer something to the GLBasic community before I start asking allsorts of questions about compiling to the iPhone lol. My name's Marc Russell and I'm a professional games industry graphic artist specialising in pixel art. I do love my programming also and it'll be good to dabble with GLB. For now I hope you find these sprites, level tiles and fonts useful.

Sprites & Tilesets


Ian Price:
Hi and welcome to GLB

Those are some seriously nice pixels :)

Compiling for iPhone is not problematic - it's everything else that goes with it (especially where Apple is concerned) that's troublesome! :P

Welcome to the forum, from me too.

Those graphics looks awesome. Beautiful, really.
..I know I've seen the screenshots somewhere before, but nevertheless...they look fantastic.  :good:

Ian Price:

--- Quote ---I know I've seen the screenshots somewhere before
--- End quote ---
I thought I'd seen the  first screen before - was it a game made in BlitzMax, with little blue creatures with big eyes? Sort of like Lemmings? Can't remember its name though.

lovely pixels! welcome!


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