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new HTML module on steam


Hi All,
Does anyone know if the new HTML build mobule affects the GLB system for other platforms - will it break my Android builds or anything?

Could a separate purchase of GLB with HTML (for side-loading) be possible?


Hey, partially answering to your question with some workaround, Steam GLB version has now non-steam version of editor included (that doesn't require to be launched through Steam), so You can copy "\Steam\steamapps\common\GLBasic_SDK" (EditorE.exe) folder somewhere else to have working backup of v16 that You can use to build app for Android/other platforms.

I'm also curious if that's complete suite or there is need to install additional tools like Emscripten, JDK or whatever, as previously there were some issues with that. Another thing is that PolyVector (batch sprite rendering) / file loading (txt with sprite rect's in atlas file) is supported in WebGL target?

Hmm, the copy option sounds great for a backup against any broken issues....


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