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iPhone 64bit Beta - xCode project (iOS9 Beta 1) [11-10-2015]

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Here is the iPhone 64bit Beta Download:

They should been extracted to glbasic/Platform folders. Make sure you dont have extracted double sub folder (like iPhone/iPhone).

The glbasic source code is NOT included here. Im email Gernot (and eventuelly others per email, since Gernot not like cloud services for his source, which im will respect).

See readme.txt in the xCode folder for changes.

PS. Due im have updated both Android and iOS, both is included in the file.

A update to the downloads, so im thinks its easier to meanstreams, until Gernot update glbasic with those fixes.

Many thanks for your efforts Space. In order to submit future apps to the AppStore, 64bits apps will be require from now. So your Xcode is like mana form heaven!! :nw: I hope GLBasic source code will be soon upgraded.

you can still update using 32bit in few month as well. There is a link to a newer version of the source in the Source Code forum.

Any news yet as to when GLB will emerge with the new iOS and Android fixes.


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