Quest 2 virtual reality device on GLB

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Did anyone here try that out? My professor advisor is going to purchase a couple of these and I wonder if it is possible to rock them under GLB.
If no one tried it before, well, I will have a chance to check it in a few months and will let you guys know how it goes.


There should be no problem, if it requires to use some specific OpenGL extension or API - that could be done in Inline.
In core GLB is fast enough to render separate images for left & right eye, so I'm looking forward to any info about this.
Check my source code editor for GLBasic - link Update: 20.04.2020


Yep, that api part is what might be tricky. Would I be able to read the head track and the controls? Like joysticks and mouse?
A friend said everything has to go through some facebook app, but I don´t know. I also heard it got "jailbroke" few weeks ago, so let´s see.
If all goes fine I might be able to test something within this year.


Equipment in hand now, the quest 2. I need to upgrade my system to win 10 pro and this will take a couple weeks to get to some cheap ssd and extra memory prior to it.
Then testing should start. I have a bit more knowledge on it now and it seems possible.
By Crom don't push towards those crappy app makers like unite and what not, let it all please go smooth in GLB :)
I will keep you informed.


no glbasic dont support vr. its require integrateing thier SDK...... The controllers also is not a standard device at all, so you wont read it at all using DirectInput as glbasic is using.
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There is an oculus rift drive to give a try and I read a few people managed to use sdl2 with it with code online to check.
It also natively runs from android which should be another path to check.