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Yes light is a problem in GLBasic, I also have the shadow routine working, but with a dynamic map model there is always the problem with shadows popping in suddenly, also the shadow effect from glbasic is still a bit buggy. I just wish we had proper ambient light in GLBasic, this would be a nice start to be able to set the color of the darkest parts of the models.

I finally added wind:

Also I fixed some bugs, added some more constants, encapsulated some repeating code in functions and the object hiding now takes two coordinates into account, before all objects where hidden, when they where behind x or z of player, now only the ones that really obscure the view of the player will be hidden
In all normal 3d games such light probes are placed specifically in some places so it would look good, only Raytracing is giving let's say better results if properly used.
Generally now it looks even better, but adding such lightning makes some mismatch between different elements, because there are no shadows that would darken some other elements, normally easier way to deal with such pre-backed light is to use ambient occlusion, but it's for more modern '3d engines', another way would be as already someone mentioned, to make graphic more cartoon-y with cel shading or brighter colors, it would change the art/graphic style of game but could be more appealing. Of course you may find some way to tune this even more, maybe lit up that grass that is closer to light source or something like this.
Good idea about leaves on trees :)
Now some sprites, mostly 16x16 tilesets.

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It looks way better with point lights with attenuation,
but you have to place the lights strategically for this to look good
I also changed the tree design, now with dynamic leafes.
I plan for the leafes to be affected by the wind and player also.
Just finished the editor and the basic drawing.
Couple of such bundles and you have music for game, maybe not original but at least good quality and professional, but what's most important, it's normally licensed so no problems with that either.

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Video shows much better how it works, and the effect looks very nice in action, specially if enemies also affect the grass.
But is it really needed (extra rotation)? The effect looks great already.
Yes i also scale the lawn, i could instead rotate it on another axis, but i hate 3d rotations when there are to many angles involved, I need to get more into quarternions.
SUPER! The effect is very well done, are you also pushing them down a bit other then giggling?
I love the fact that the enemies also bend the grass :)

ps: I need to get back to my Joust game... about August I will dive into it :)